Naked Falls

Naked Falls, WA

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Cliff Jumping
Southwest Washington/Mount St. Helens
Location Type: 
River (moving slowly)
Cliff jumping: 
Greatest Height: 
30 ft.
Road condition: 
Day-Use/Parking Pass Required:
Not Required
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Shane Kucera | 07.28.13

Adventure Contributor

Trip Report

Various cliff heights for jumping. Crystal-clear water.
Can be crowded on hot days. Steep-but-short climb into the river area.

Naked Falls offers multiple cliff jumping from various heights, waterfall slides, and plenty of dry rock space for picnics and sunbathing. Aside from the challenge of the short-but-steep trail accessing the river from the road, the location is well suited for all ages. The main attraction at Naked Falls is the 30-foot cliff that gives jumpers the chance to plunge into a dark and deep spot in the river. For those that are a bit timid when it comes to heights, Naked Falls is still worth the trip. The Washougal River is crystal clear and the area has numerous swimming holes with slow-moving water. Also, just a short walk up river is a bridge with two rope swings.

Rumor has it that the location was named for the popularity of the falls as a locale for nude summer sunbathing. If tanning in the nude wasn’t what initially drew people to the location, maybe it was the fact that Naked Falls is the second largest waterfall on the Washougal River.

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Comments + Trip Reports

Core Team

Thanks Mary Ann! We've revised and corrected the directions. Using Salmon Falls Road from WA-14, the drive on Washougal Road should be approximately 5.7 miles.

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08.26.14(Trip Date)

Once you turn onto Washugal River road, it's 17 miles to Duggan Falls and Naked Falls us just a couple miles up the dirt road.

Wear shoes.. The walk down is dusty and hence slippery and sleep.

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