Twin Peaks Campground

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Eastern Sonoran + Colorado Desert, Arizona

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Twin Peaks Campground


  • The desert scenery from the Twin Peaks Campground is amazing!- Twin Peaks Campground
  • The Perimeter Trail is 1.2 miles long and allows dogs.- Twin Peaks Campground
  • The Palo Verde Trail leads to the visitor center and also allows dogs.- Twin Peaks Campground
  • The amphiteater is large and holds ranger programs four nights a week in season.- Twin Peaks Campground
  • The campground has a large dump station with potable water (tastes pretty good, too).- Twin Peaks Campground
  • Try to get a site on the perimeter of the campground like this tent site with great views.- Twin Peaks Campground
  • Some of the campsites have shade shelters for a tent or table.- Twin Peaks Campground
  • A typical RV site has a long pad, a table, and a grill. And a cacti.- Twin Peaks Campground
  • Look but don't touch! These cholla cacti have barbed spines that are very painful and difficult to remove.- Twin Peaks Campground
  • This cactus wren spends its entire life on and among the cacti, and it seems not to mind the spines.- Twin Peaks Campground
  • View of the campground from the Desert View Trail before sunrise.- Twin Peaks Campground
  • - Twin Peaks Campground
Overview + Weather
Spectacular scenery. Quiet. Relatively private sites. Large spaces. Nearby trails.
No hookups. No reservations.
Eastern Sonoran + Colorado Desert, AZ
Managed by: 
National Park Service
Pets allowed: 
Parking Pass: 
National Park Pass
Preferable Season(s):
Winter, Spring, Fall
Reservations possible: 
Current Local Weather:
Campground Description

Campground Description

Pro Contributor

The Twin Peaks Campground is the largest in Organ Pipe National Monument, and the only one to allow RVs. The campground is located in a magnificent Sonoran Desert setting. The sites are large and provide a very good amount of space and privacy between sites. The campsites are arranged in a fan-shape, with the check-in kiosk at the base. The farthest two rows are for tents only, and most look directly out onto the surrounding desert. The next two rows are for tent or RV, but no generators are allowed. The rest of the sites are set up primarily for RVs, though many have large gravel tent pads, and some have shade shelters. Huge cacti, ocotillo, and creosote bush are scattered among the sites, making it feel as though the campground were an extension of the surrounding desert.

One of the best aspect of this campground is the variety of trails leading right from the camp perimeter road. Four marked trails, two of which allow dogs, range in length from 1.2 miles to 4.5 miles. As an added bonus, rangers run a hiker's shuttle to two backcountry trailheads several times a week that allows hikers to do a 5-mile hike back to the campground through remote wilderness without having to backtrack. A great aspect of the Sonoran Desert is that it is generally easy to walk cross country due to the relative sparseness of the vegetation and the clear sight lines. Just be cautious of where you step and what you touch: the desert is full of plants and animals that are best given lots of personal space! 

Contrary to common belief, the desert is not deserted. It is very rich with plant and animal life, though much of it is nocturnal or otherwise difficult to observe. One great example is the namesake organ pipe cactus (Stenocereus thurberi), which has flowers that bloom for one night only and are pollinated by a specific species of bat. Kangaroo rats live in burrows, are nocturnal, and lead their entire lives without a drink of water! They get all the moisture they need from their food. A little research into the many wonders that abound in the desert makes a visit to Organ Pipe National Monument an enriching experience.

Because the campground is near to an international border, border patrol activity is common, and there are warnings posted not to approach suspicious-looking people. Visitors should note that there have not been problems in several years, so this is more of a precaution than a danger

The campground does not take reservations, but it is seldom more than half full, even during the busy winter season.

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