Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons

Colorado River Grand Canyon, Arizona

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Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons


  • Owl canyon is home to a family of great horned owls.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • Rattlesnake Canyon is only accessible through one tour company.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • After the crowds of Upper Antelope Canyon, the solitude is wonderful.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • The canyon walls were formed by flash floods over millions of years.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • To sit in silence in this canyon is a very magical experience.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • Exit at the top of the canyon with the Navajo power plant in the distance.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • Entrance to Owl Canyon.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • While not having the extraordinary colors and shapes of Antelope Canyon, Owl Canyon is still very beautiful.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • One of the great horned owls residing in the canyon.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • The owls are wary but seem comfortable with people in their canyon.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • Our guide's flute playing seemed to please the owls.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • The canyon is only a few hundred yards long.- Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
  • - Rattlesnake + Owl Canyons
Overview + Weather
No crowds. Formations are very similar to Antelope Canyon.
Requires going on a tour. Expensive.
Colorado River Grand Canyon, AZ
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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description

Pro Contributor

Just a short way down the wash from the entrance to Upper Antelope Canyon is a small slot canyon called Rattlesnake Canyon. While similar to its neighbor in the color and shape of the rock formations, the experience of visiting Rattlesnake Canyon couldn't be more different. Instead of the crowds and hurried pace, there is a blessed isolation and peace. With access to this canyon being restricted to one tour company only, it is almost guaranteed that your tour will be the only one in the canyon while you are there.

Rattlesnake canyon is not as tall or as long as either Upper or Lower Antelope, but in other aspects it is similar. Wandering through the canyon is a wonderful experience to have over an hour, lingering over a particularly interesting abstract shape in the sandstone or an evocative passageway. This canyon does not have the light beams of the more famous Antelope Canyons, but it is very similar in terms of the quality of the light and the color of the rocks. One big difference is that instead of an out-and-back hike, this canyon is followed one-way upstream to an exit via ladder at the surface of the rock. The scenery up on top is beautiful, as is the walk back to the vehicle at the entrance to the canyon.

Further downstream from Rattlesnake Canyon is Owl Canyon, appropriately named for a family of great horned owls that reside there. Also privately managed, this canyon is not crowded and, while not as beautiful as the area's other slot canyons, the presence of the owls and the ability to see them up close is magical in a different way.

Tours are offered that combine Upper Antelope Canyon with one or more of three other canyons: Rattlesnake, Owl, and Mountain Sheep. When you visit Antelope Canyon, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the availability of these other canyons.

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