Ah-Di-Na Campground

McCloud River

Mount Shasta + Medicine Lake Area, California

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Ah-Di-Na Campground


  • The last little patch of dirt road before accessing the sites. Sedans and low vehicles are not recommended for the drive, as there are frequent dips and potholes during the ride there.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Campground entrance.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Typical site at Ah-Di-Na Campground.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • There is an old orchard used by the various land owners in the past and presently by bears and campers.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • The campground provides some great fishing access points to the McCloud River.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Fall foliage begins to set in during mid-October. - Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Galcial milk (or silt/flour) gives the river its signature cloudy visibility. - Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Berries dot the river and campground.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Riparian vegetation turning color.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Mist from the river sets in on some beautiful poison ivy.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • A pair of sequoias lie in the small meadow inside of the loop.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Walking upstream provides more access points, including some electrical infrastructure. - Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Typical site in Ah-Di-Na Campground.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • River access from Ah-Di-Na Campground.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Historic trail map near the double digit campsites.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • A dilapidated cabin formerly designated the Ladies Cabin.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • One of the two pools at the historic site that were dug out for recreation.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • Cellar storage at the historic site.- Ah-Di-Na Campground
  • - Ah-Di-Na Campground
Overview + Weather
River access for fishing. Historic site. Fruit bearing bushes and trees.
Mount Shasta + Medicine Lake Area, CA
Managed by: 
Forest Service
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Not Required
Preferable Season(s):
Spring, Summer, Fall
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Campground Description

Campground Description


Ah-Di-Na campground keeps up with the best of them when it comes to riverside camping in Northern California. Situated just 7 miles south of the McCloud Reservoir on the Lower McCloud River, Ah-Di-Na will steal both your heart and your time.

The campground sits upon a rather historic site that was used by both regional Wintu Native Americans and later by the Whittier family of San Francisco in 1896. The site was made popular due to its seclusion for hunting and fishing in addition to the productive orchard just a holler away from camp. Along with apples, cherries and pears in the orchard, chestnuts and berries are common along the spur trails, campsites and river access points. Together, foraging skills and hunting/fishing expertise could have you living off the land comfortably  until the 14 day maximum stay kicks in. But if you are still trying to avoid the heading into the McCloud grocery stores on the 15th day, head just south of Ah-Di-Na to one of the dispersed camping sites to continue your quest for native trout. The McCloud River Nature conservancy is also just downstream from Ah-Di-Na, and it provides extra fishing access.

The 16 sites in the campground provide ample room to park and pitch a tent with fire pits and picnic tables. Site seven has no vegetative barriers in back and spills into the small meadow where deer stroll through in the morning, making it an ideal site for larger groups. Visitors will find the beginning of the Ah-Di-Na Historic Trail/Interpretive site near the double-digit sites at the end of the loop. The sites consist of original stone structures and foundations as well as a rebuilt Ladies Cabin and the original chimney from one of the original cabins. The site hosts informational placards and continues into the small fruit and nut producing orchard.

Because of it's location, this makes for a perfect spot to set up a week long fishing trip on the McCloud while offering close access to McCloud Reservoir and south Shasta destinations. In October, the riverside vegetation will begin turning yellow and orange, as do the fruit bearing trees, poison ivy and oak trees mix in with the evergreens. Expect fruit to tun ripe in early fall.

Beware of bears, poison ivy and bees at this location. Mosquitos can be numerous, especially as the river flow slows. This site requires a self-registration fee. There is no day use parking at this location. It is recommended that only higher clearance vehicles, and those with four-wheel drive attempt to access this campground, as the road is rugged and often exhibits potholes, dips and large rocks.

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