Bicentennial Campground

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Marin, California

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Bicentennial Campground


  • View from the entrance to the Marin Headlands.- Bicentennial Campground
  • View of the Golden Gate bridge and the city of San Francisco.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Various hikes throughout the area that give wide open views of California's spring green rolling hills.- Bicentennial Campground
  • The campground is a 2-minute walk to epic views of the Golden Gate Bridge.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Taking in the amazing views from Bicentennial Campground.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Nearby beaches are littered with different types of seashells. - Bicentennial Campground
  • Some of the beautifully unique seashells along the beach.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Nightscape above Bicentennial Campground. If you look closely you can see the Pleiades star cluster inside the Taurus constellation.- Bicentennial Campground
  • The Point Bonita Lighthouse shines brightest among the stars.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Star gazing on a hillside near Bicentennial Campground.- Bicentennial Campground
  • San Francisco at night.- Bicentennial Campground
  • The road to Bicentennial Campground. Parking is just ahead.- Bicentennial Campground
  • View from Bicentennial Campground.- Bicentennial Campground
  • The Golden Gate Bridge with the rising sun.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Unidentified species (help us identify it by providing feedback).- Bicentennial Campground
  • Setting sun with the Golden Gate Bridge.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Mussels hugging their favorite rock.- Bicentennial Campground
  • An abundance of mussels.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Even the mussels have a viewpoint of the San Francisco Bay.- Bicentennial Campground
  • The Golden Gate Bridge at dusk.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Rocks smoothened by the sea.- Bicentennial Campground
  • West Coast tide pools.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Seashell clinging to a rock.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Purple Shore crab wedged between the rocks.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Purple Shore crab out from the rocks.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Sunrise over mossy green tide pools.- Bicentennial Campground
  • The coastline heading into Northern California.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Walkway to Point Bonita Lighthouse.- Bicentennial Campground
  • Bridge and doorway to the Point Bonita Lighthouse.- Bicentennial Campground
  • - Bicentennial Campground
Overview + Weather
Great nearby views. Wildflowers. Wildlife viewing. Easy access.
Roads can be a bit congested in and out of this area.
Marin, CA
Managed by: 
Marin Visitors Center
Pets allowed: 
Parking Pass: 
Preferable Season(s):
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Reservations possible: 
Current Local Weather:
Campground Description

Campground Description


People travel from far and wide, sometimes spending thousands of dollars on a vacation to look upon the famous Golden Gate Bridge. If you're an avid camper or just want a nice place to stay, few places in the world can compete with this priceless view available from the Bicentennial Campground.

Nestled within the trees and somewhat sheltered from coastal winds, the Bicentennial Campground is aptly placed near an abundance of hiking trails that offer great panoramic photo opportunities of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and Northern California coastline.

If it’s wildlife you’re looking for, black-tailed deer can be seen grazing on the hillsides, but don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning to find them just outside your tent. Tourists traveling between the December through April months might catch the occasional migrating gray whale spout or tail flop on the horizon, appearing almost as a casual wave hello and welcome.

As you hike around the area you will undoubtedly notice manmade bunkers or concrete turrets. During the Cold War era the Golden Gate National Recreation Area was better known as the Nike Missile Site. It was considered to be one of the last lines of defense against potential Soviet bombers. Don’t worry, the the area has long been inactive and now primarily serves as an historical tourist destination.

With so much to see and experience, many find it hard to leave this area in such a hurry, so the Marin Visitor Center offers tourists and locals alike the opportunity to camp or spend the afternoon at one of their many picnic areas that overlook the city by the bay.

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