Eagleville Hot Springs

Warner Mountains + Modoc Plateau, California

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Eagleville Hot Springs


  • Parking is a narrow strip of gravel along the shoulder of the road.- Eagleville Hot Springs
  • The spring is easy to miss while driving by, but it is visible from the shoulder looking down into the valley.- Eagleville Hot Springs
  • Approaching the springs from the steep trail from the road.- Eagleville Hot Springs
  • The upper, larger pool is slightly warmer than the lower pool.- Eagleville Hot Springs
  • The pool provides an excellent soak if you can ignore that it lies beneath the shoulder of a highway.- Eagleville Hot Springs
  • Eagleville hot springs.- Eagleville Hot Springs
  • The source of the spring falls into the stone pool.- Eagleville Hot Springs
  • Wild mint grows around the hot spring.- Eagleville Hot Springs
Overview + Weather
Water flows out at the perfect temperature. Large calm soaking pool. Great views.
Located right next to the road. Hard to find, even with directions!
Warner Mountains + Modoc Plateau, CA
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Not Required
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Hot Spring Description

Hot Spring Description

Pro Contributor

Two hot springs sit less than a quarter mile from each other in this remote corner of California: Wild Mint Hot Spring is currently behind a No Trespassing sign and is not open to the public; Eagleville Hot Springs also sits on private property, though visitors are allowed to soak here.

Water flows from a hillside waterfall into the upper and larger of two pools, which maintains the temperature at a nearly perfect temperature of about 103. The water is clean and clear, and it is about 2 feet deep. There are sweeping views over the Surprise Valley. A lower pool sits beneath the larger one, and the water there is slightly cooler and less appealing.

Wild mint grows around the spring, creating a green lush setting in an otherwise sandy brown valley. The only negative to the spring is that it lies directly beneath a road. And though there is little traffic here, the noise of passing cars and trucks can be a detriment to the otherwise idyllic setting.

The larger rock-built soaking pool has good circulation, and the pools can see visitors on evenings and weekend nights - though it is likely you'll have the area to yourself at other times.

The lack of landmarks and unclear Google satellite images can make the spring tricky to find. To find Eagleville Hot Springs, heading south from the town of Eagleville for about 7.5 miles. Just past mile marker 5.5 there will be a narrow gravel shoulder along the east side of the road. Pull over and park on this shoulder. From here you'll be able to look down and see the springs down a steep 30-foot path.

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