Fales Hot Ditch

Eastern Sierra + White Mountains Area, California

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Fales Hot Ditch


  • The building of the former hot springs resort. It's closed now, but it provides the best reference for finding the hot ditch.- Fales Hot Ditch
  • Shoulder parking adjacent to the hot ditch.- Fales Hot Ditch
  • The ditch has a manmade wall that pools the hot water into an area about thigh deep and large enough for several people.- Fales Hot Ditch
  • It's location next to the highway makes for a less-than-ideal ambiance.- Fales Hot Ditch
  • The eastern Sierra's dramatic skies provide a great backdrop for a soak.- Fales Hot Ditch
  • Fales Hot Ditch.- Fales Hot Ditch
Overview + Weather
Nice-sized pool. Free.
Close proximity to highway.
Eastern Sierra + White Mountains Area, CA
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Not Required
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Hot Spring Description

Hot Spring Description

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Fales Hot Ditch is a warm pool just downstream of the shuttered Fales Hot Spring Resort. 

The soaking pool lies outside of the private property at a spot where the hot stream comes through a large pipe beneath U.S. Highway 395. A manmade wall helps collect the water into a pool about thigh deep and large enough for several people. The water is about 92 degrees, though may be cooler if there is any snowmelt from the adjacent mountains running into the creek.

Though down a small slope and mostly out of view from the road, the highway sits about 10 feet away, which makes for some less-than-ideal ambiance in the pool. However it may make a prime stop on a late-night or off-season drive when traffic is more sparse.

The water can be slick with algae, but it doesn't have much of a sulfurous smell to it.

The best way to locate the spring is to look for the fenced-off wooden building of the former resort surrounded by some trees on the west side of the highway. From this building, continue driving north for about 0.3-mile, to a gravel shoulder on the east side of the road. The point where the creek passes beneath the highway should be easily noticeable from the road. Walk down a short slope from the gravel shoulder and the pool is at the end of the pipe tunnel.

Ticks have been reported in the grass next to the spring. Leave any clothing and towels on top of shrubs while soaking just to be safe.

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