Kings Creek Meadow

Mount Lassen Volcanic Area, California

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Kings Creek Meadow


  • Kings Creek Meadow lies just off of the road.- Kings Creek Meadow
  • Kings Creek Meadow is a pristine beauty.- Kings Creek Meadow
  • A serpentine Kings Creek making its way through the meadow.- Kings Creek Meadow
  • Kings Creek Meadow is an incredible spot to stargaze!- Kings Creek Meadow
  • The Milky Way rises early in the night above Kings Creek Meadow.- Kings Creek Meadow
  • A bunch of wildflowers growing in Kings Creek Meadow.- Kings Creek Meadow
  • Wildflowers line the sides of the creek.- Kings Creek Meadow
  • A magnetic storm making its way over Kings Creek Meadow.- Kings Creek Meadow
  • Kings Creek with the road in the background.- Kings Creek Meadow
  • Sun sets adjacent to Mount Lassen. - Kings Creek Meadow
  • Light rays pierce the sky during sunset.- Kings Creek Meadow
  • Relaxing on the fringe of the meadow.- Kings Creek Meadow
  • - Kings Creek Meadow
Overview + Weather
Pristine and expansive meadow. Incredible star gazing. Winding, babbling creek. Great views of Mount Lassen.
Mosquitos in early summer or late spring. Adjacent to the road.
Mount Lassen Volcanic Area, CA
Pets allowed: 
Parking Pass: 
National Park Pass
Preferable Season(s):
Summer, Fall
Current Local Weather:
Adventure Description

Adventure Description


Kings Creek Meadow is the quintessential location for picnicking, watching the sunset, and stargazing in Lassen Volcanic National Park. No official tables are available, but a blanket is easily laid on the outskirts of this large meadow. Though the meadow is adjacent to the highway, this hardly seems like much of a distraction as cars slowly pass by. From this meadow's edge, expect to hear the soft babbling of Kings Creek as it wanders in a serpentine fashion through a expanse of lush grasses and occasional wildflower patches. Black-tailed deer frequent this location early in the morning and later in the day, where they graze on green grasses. The sun sets alongside Lassen Peak and often sends rays of light into the sky after it vanishes over the forested horizon. After the last day's light has disappeared, a magnificent blanketing of stars settles over the skies. On clear nights with no moon, the Milky Way is clearly visible as it stretches from the south side of the park to the north. The aurora borealis, on rare occasions, is faintly visible over the meadow as it emerges from the northern skies. 

This location is a beauty for those who behold it, and it is important for it to stay this way. Please practice Leave No Trace principles and remain on the outer edges of the meadow, where you will not disturb the life that dwells within.

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