Olancha Sculpture Garden

Eastern Sierra + White Mountains Area, California

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Olancha Sculpture Garden


  • Sculptures visible along the side of Highway 395 mark the Olancha Sculpture Garden.- Olancha Sculpture Garden
  • A short dirt road allows visitors to park and walk among the sculptures standing in the valley.- Olancha Sculpture Garden
  • Artist Jael Hoffmann constructed the metal sculptures and continues to add to the open-air collection sporadically.- Olancha Sculpture Garden
  • Several of the sculptures offer a burst of color in the environment.- Olancha Sculpture Garden
  • The Hitchhiker towers above the sculpture garden.- Olancha Sculpture Garden
  • Pieces can be whimsical, challenging, or offer commentary in their symbolism or words.- Olancha Sculpture Garden
  • Another colorful sculpture, titled Greed, along the Olancha stretch of highway.- Olancha Sculpture Garden
  • The Give and Take invites visitors to leave something for others and take something that has been left.- Olancha Sculpture Garden
  • A variety of metalworking techniques are on display in the sculptures.- Olancha Sculpture Garden
  • Jael Hoffmann's Olancha Sculpture Garden.- Olancha Sculpture Garden
Overview + Weather
Interesting roadside stop.
Eastern Sierra + White Mountains Area, CA
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Yes, with restrictions
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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description

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The Olancha Sculpture Garden is a collection of metal sculptures sitting along Highway 395 created by desert artist Jael Hoffmann. Lying almost immediately off of the west side of the highway slightly less than 2 miles south of the 395's intersection with Highway 190, the sculptures rise, sometimes colorfully, from the desert landscape. A short dirt road leads to a turnaround where cars can stop. The collection of over a dozen pieces are all nearby, and it's easy to walk to see them all. 

Jael Hoffmann was born in Israel, and lived in Berlin before moving to the United States. She works with metal, and infuses references and symbolism of internal conflict into her art. More information about Jael Hoffmann can be found on her website.

Pieces range in size from small to over 15 feet in height, and all stand beneath the scenic skyline of the Sierra Nevada. One particularly whimsical piece is called the Give And Take, where visitors are invited to leave an item or trinket in one container and to take something from the adjacent container in return. Taking on the feeling of almost a guerilla open-air display, there is no cost to see the sculptures, nor are there any amenities. Overall, it is one of many interesting stops to make when passing along Highway 395, including the Cottonwood Creek Charcoal Kilns, the Olancha Dunes, Manzanar National Historic Site, and the Eastern California Museum Trail.

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