Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove

Los Angeles Metro Area, California

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Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove


  • The monarchs tend to return to the eucalyptus grove surrounding the wooden amphitheater about a quarter mile northeast of the central library building. - Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove
  • The wooden amphitheater can be a relaxing place in the park, with bird songs, squirrels, hummingbirds, and monarchs all playing on the park grounds in the area.- Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove
  • The eucalyptus grove. It can be hard to spot the monarchs, so the best strategy may be to have a seat and relax until you begin to notice their fluttery movements in the air around you.- Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove
  • Most active in warm places and times, the sunny grassy areas around the groves tend to have some monarchs hidden away.- Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove
  • A monarch butterfly clings to a eucalyptus branch at Huntington Beach Central Park. - Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove
  • The monarchs, which overwinter in the park, tend to stick high in the trees and can be hard to spot at first. It's best to look for little licks of orange contrasting with the pale green leaves.- Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove
  • When their wings are closed, they can be even harder to notice, such as the monarch to the lower right.- Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove
  • A monarch rests in the sunlight in Huntington Beach's Central Park.- Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove
  • Once you get used to looking for the monarchs, they become easier to spot high up in the eucalyptus branches.- Huntington Central Park Monarch Grove
Overview + Weather
Peaceful location.
Can be littered and dirty.
Los Angeles Metro Area, CA
Pets allowed: 
Yes, with restrictions
Year round: 
Open from: 
October 15 to February 28
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description

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Huntington Beach's Central Park is one of several overwintering locations for Monarch butterflies, and as such, this can be a great place to spend some time in a large city park setting while the monarchs flutter throughout the air and tree branches around you.

Late each year, as the monarchs migrate back toward warmer climes, many return to traditional overwintering groves along the California coast, where they'll stay until the following spring when they head back for northern locales. Typically the monarchs can be seen from around October until late February or into March. Central Park is one of the areas in Orange County that significant numbers of butterflies have been spotted at, specifically at a grove of eucalyptus trees near the park's wooden amphitheater. 

Your best chance to see the monarchs is to head to the wooden amphitheater located about a quarter mile northeast of the library building on a sunny afternoon. Have a seat on the top row of amphitheater seating, and relax. Given enough time and the right conditions, you'll soon notice the fluttering of butterflies along with spots of orange set on the eucalyptus leaves. The monarchs wait for warmer conditions to come to life, so check the sunny areas in the groves and the grassy areas, and ideally wait for the warmer mid-day hours to see the most.

The nearest parkng to the grove is directly east of the library's front entrance. From here it is a short walk along asphalt paths to reach the eucalyptus groves and amphitheater.

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