Little River Springs Park

North Central Gulf Coast, Florida

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Little River Springs Park


  • Little River Springs Park is a beautiful spot lying in an unpopulated area, keeping the crowds down a little bit.- Little River Springs Park
  • The parking area has benches for scuba divers.- Little River Springs Park
  • A few interpretive signs dot the walking paths around the springs.- Little River Springs Park
  • Little River Springs.- Little River Springs Park
  • The emerald blue water emerges at 72 degrees from the limestone formations beneath its surface.- Little River Springs Park
  • Walkways lead to the spring's confluence with the Suwannee River.- Little River Springs Park
  • A few covered benches sit in the park area just up a flight of steps from the spring.- Little River Springs Park
  • Descending on a walkway to the springs.- Little River Springs Park
  • Walkways circle the springs and lead to the river's edge, offering an assortment of views of the colorful spring. Scuba divers often visit the spring for its access to a network of limestone caves below.- Little River Springs Park
  • A short nature trail heads into the trees from the parking area.- Little River Springs Park
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Picturesque location.
North Central Gulf Coast, FL
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Spring, Summer, Fall
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description

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Little River Spring Park is a county park with a large spring swimming hole that flows a short distance into the Suwannee River. The parking lot has a few benches to for scuba divers to use, and there is access to a short loop nature trail. From the parking area, a concrete path passes a few interpretive signs and either follows a ramp to some covered benches and access to the Suwannee River to the left or heads to a viewing platform overlooking the spring run's confluence with the Suwannee to the right. 

Steps descend to the springs itself, which flows from a limestone cave system at a constant 72 degrees. The caves open up for scuba divers, though the spring can be pretty crowded with swimmers during the warm months. 

The water remains emerald clear except during periods of high flow in the Suwannee when the larger river can flow into the pool area and color the waters a bit. 

There is no fee to use the park. Park hours are generally from sunrise to sunset, varying slightly by season, except for Tuesdays when the park opens at 11 a.m.

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