Murphy Candler Park

Atlanta Metro Area, Georgia

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Murphy Candler Park


  • The main park entrance.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Paved path along the retaining wall holding the lake.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Small trees starting to take hold in the retaining wall.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Flowers on the far side of the lake.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Excellent pier for watching the birds.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Paved path on the east shore of the lake to several picnic areas.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Ducks enjoying the lake.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Geese dotting the shore.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Great fall colors in late November.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Towering trees above the trail.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Newly opened bridge across one of the feeding creeks.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Sewer access is artfully disguised as different birds.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Benches all along the shore make for easy rest areas.- Murphy Candler Park
  • A large clearing that is great for playing with dogs in the water.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Trees lining the shore of the lake.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Secluded gravel parking on the northern edge of the park.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Goats making short work of the foliage growing on the lake shore.- Murphy Candler Park
  • Last light on the fall colors across the lake.- Murphy Candler Park
Overview + Weather
Excellent public park. Accessible. Good amenities.
Can get crowded.
Atlanta Metro Area, GA
Pets allowed: 
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Preferable Season(s):
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Current Local Weather:
Adventure Description

Adventure Description

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After the donation of over 100 acres of land by Mr. Fred Wilson and 35 acres from Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Long in 1950, a multi-year planning and park construction process began. After further donations and much coordination from local civic and service organizations, the park was finally opened on January 31, 1954, at Ashford Dunwoody, where the access road was to be built. Murphy Candler Park was the only park servicing north Dekalb County for many years, where it remains the largest park to this day.

The trail around the lake is approximately 1.5 miles and offers many great views of the lake, wooded swamp, picnic pavilions, and the lower sporting fields that stay busy day-in and day-out with local leagues playing anything from football to baseball. Recent renovations to the trail include widening many of the narrower sections, easier grading, and softer wood chip surfaces to encourage less able-bodied visitors to enjoy the secluded portion of the trail. Vegetation control is courtesy of a moving fenced area of goats, which can be entertaining for visitors who walk the border of the lake.

This quintessential park in north Brookhaven has everything a neighborhood park should have and will be a testament to city planning in Georgia for generations to come. Many families clamor to own a house close to the park, and any visitors will easily see why.

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