Dragon's Teeth

Maui, Hawai'i

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Dragon's Teeth


  • The trail skirts the edge of a golf course with signs to keep you on track.- Dragon's Teeth
  • Past the golf course, the trail runs along the rugged coast.- Dragon's Teeth
  • Look for more subtle geological features as you clamber along the rocks.- Dragon's Teeth
  • There are no marked routes on the rocks, so you can explore to your heart's content.- Dragon's Teeth
  • There are caves, arches and other wave-sculpted features near the rocky point beyond the Dragon's Teeth.- Dragon's Teeth
  • The unusually shaped rocks were formed when waves crashed into the hot lava, pushing the lava upright as it cooled.- Dragon's Teeth
  • Succulents bring a touch of green to the gray and black rocks.- Dragon's Teeth
  • This lava field has so far been protected from oceanfront development.- Dragon's Teeth
  • Rough seas crash through the lava rock arches.- Dragon's Teeth
  • At times the lava forms a wall at the top of the rock cliff.- Dragon's Teeth
  • The Dragon's Teeth offer sharp contrast from the soft clouds and sandy beaches.- Dragon's Teeth
  • Kapalua Labrynth is also cool to check out.- Dragon's Teeth
  • Early morning light and the Dragon's Teeth.- Dragon's Teeth
Overview + Weather
Short, easy walk.
Limited parking.
Maui, HI
Pets allowed: 
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Preferable Season(s):
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description

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Tucked between a golf course and an ancient Hawaiian burial ground lies a unique lava sculpture known as the Dragon's Teeth. Here, where land and sea meet, millions of years of crashing waves and sea spray have carved the lava into shapes that look like giant, pointed teeth. 

While exploring this beautiful area, look for succulent plants clinging to life among the sea-swept rocks. Find the labyrinth and walk the path to its center if you're in a self-contemplating mood. Ponder the juxtaposition of a hotel and golf course as the backdrop for a place of natural wonder. 

In 1986, during construction of the Ritz-Carlton Resort on the waterfront, human remains were discovered. It was then determined that this prized beachfront property was the site of an ancient burial ground. Eventually, the developers were forced to relocate their resort and the sacred space was protected. Today the hotel stands well back from the water's edge, preserving the natural beauty of the burial site and the nearby rock features.

A short trail on the edge of the golf course leads the way to Makalua-puna Point. Locals come here to fish and tourists wander around to observe nature in all its glory. Waves crash dramatically against the lava rock, water spurting through rock arches and swirling in tide pools. Along the edge of the point, the rock seems to rise up against the incoming waves. This is a must-see while visiting West Maui.

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