McBryde Garden

Kauai + Niihau, Hawai'i

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McBryde Garden


  • Colorful hibiscus welcome you to the gardens.- McBryde Garden
  • There are some paths and roads that traverse the gardens, but you're free to roam around as well.- McBryde Garden
  • The pineapple-lookalike fruit from the pandanus tree.- McBryde Garden
  • Sculpture made of woven sticks and created by artist Patrick Dougherty.- McBryde Garden
  • Vines cascade down trees, presenting showy leaves and flowers.- McBryde Garden
  • The flower of the lilikoi, or passionfruit plant.- McBryde Garden
  • The extensive gardens give visitors the opportunity to find solitude and quiet among the many plants and meadows.- McBryde Garden
  • There is an astonishing variety of plants found in the gardens.- McBryde Garden
  • You'll find more than just palm trees in this tropical paradise.- McBryde Garden
  • This unbelievable St. Thomas bean plant weaves through a huge monkeypod tree along the walking route. It's a sight not to be missed.- McBryde Garden
  • This small pond provides a pleasant seating area, and it is surrounded by aquatic plants, orchids, and other stunning flowers.- McBryde Garden
  • Look all around you to discover which orchids are in bloom at the time of your visit.- McBryde Garden
  • Some of nature's most spectacular flowers are in the orchid family.- McBryde Garden
  • This bromeliad looks as if its leaves are spray-painted pink.- McBryde Garden
  • The newest trail takes visitors time-traveling through earth's history. Learn how plants evolved from their most primitive forms to the diversity we have today.- McBryde Garden
  • These huge cycad cones are visible from the biodiversity trail.- McBryde Garden
  • Not all flowers smell sweet. This unusual flower attracts flies because it smells like rotten meat.- McBryde Garden
  • There is no shortage of beautiful flowers at the McBryde Garden.- McBryde Garden
Overview + Weather
Incredibly colorful and diverse garden.
Kauai + Niihau, HI
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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description

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Escape the crowds and step into a lush garden filled with tropical plants from all around the world. McBryde Garden is one of only four National Tropical Botanical Gardens in the United States. Your entrance fee covers a short bus ride into the garden, where you can explore to your heart's content. 

With over 50 acres of plantings, you'll be sure to see something new and unusual. Themed gardens contain plants that are all connected in some way. The Hawaiian Life Canoe Garden, for example, includes plants that were carried to the islands by ancient Polynesians for food, medicine or cultural purposes.

The newest addition to the garden is the Biodiversity Trail. You'll take a walk through time as the trail displays the most ancient plants, like ferns and mosses, in addition to more recently evolved flowering plants. 

Besides all of the interpretive trails and formal gardens, there's plenty of room to stretch out and wander. Bring a book or a picnic lunch and settle in under a shade tree to enjoy a peaceful afternoon. You''ll be sure to find a quiet nook somewhere. Plus, some of the most unique plants are not found on any official trail. Remember to pack insect repellant, sunscreen, and to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy all that McBryde Garden has to offer.

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