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Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre


  • El Chalten.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Rio Fitz Roy Gorge.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Mirador Dos Condores in the center.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Interesting arid terrain.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Wildflowers blooming on the trail.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Grassy cliffsides on the south side of the gorge.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Cerro Torre comes into view.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • The morning light on the surrounding mountains.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Follow the ridge to Mirador Maestri.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Reflection of Cerro Torre.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Glaciar Grande touching the water.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Looking back over the moraine ridge.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Full view from Mirador Maestri.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Close-up of the glacier.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Another view of the full range.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • On the way back down.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • The boulder field can be tricky to navigate.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • A rare huemul sighting.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Looking back at the mountains around Laguna Torre.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Cerro Torre disappearing as you head back.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • The river following the trail.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
  • Dense forest add contrast to the open alpine views.- Mirador Maestri + Laguna Torre
Overview + Weather
Breathtaking scenery. Classic Patagonian trek. Accessible from town.
Pets allowed: 
Net Elevation Gain: 
1,100.00 ft (335.28 m)
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Preferable Season(s):
Summer, Fall
Total Distance: 
13.30 mi (21.40 km)
Trail type: 
Trailhead Elevation: 
1,459.00 ft (444.70 m)
Current Local Weather:
Hike Description

Hike Description

Pro Contributor

Laguna Torre, with the optional extension to Mirador Maestri along the Senda a Laguna Torre, is alongside the Senda al Fitz Roy. Both stunning trails are highly recommended if you are visiting Argentine Patagonia and Los Glaciares National Park. Cerro Torre towers dramatically over 8,000 feet above the Torre Glacier, and Laguna Torre is a powerful sight to behold. The top of the mountain gets such strong winds that a mushroom of rime ice forms just below the summit, making this one of the most difficult lower elevation mountains to climb in the world.

There is some controversy around the first ascent, claimed by Cesare Maestri in 1959, who is the namesake for the viewpoint. Follow-up ascents did not see evidence of the climbing route that Maestri supposedly took to the summit. Most information does not agree with his account of the route, and the first recognized summit was not until 1974 by an Italian team.

The trail starts in town along with the similar Senda al Fitz Roy Trail, though this one leaves to the southwestern side of El Chalten. It begins by climbing at a reasonable incline toward the Dos Condores viewpoint, which branches off to the left. Rio Fitz Roy carves a dramatic canyon down to the south of the trail as well, which makes for a stark contrast to the dense forests and alpine lake zones later on in the hike. After cresting the first high point, the trail drops about 200 feet into a mixture of prairie meadows and light forest before entering a denser forest over a couple miles.

Corre Torre will start to present itself in the distance, and it is an unmistakable beacon that guides you toward your destination. At around mile 5 the trail will more closely hug the river to your left, marking your proximity to Laguna Torre. In two-thirds of a mile the trail enters a boulder field with a fairly tall moraine that surrounds the lake. Climbing the moraine provides a tremendous view of the whole lake and range, but for extra credit it is suggested to continue to the right along the ridge of the moraine to Mirador Maestri. The final viewpoint has an unsurpassed overhead view of the headwall of the glacier along the lake and the surrounding peaks. Continue back the way you came to Chalten. Given another day or two, it is possible to turn this and the Senda al Fitz Roy Trail into a larger loop for backpacking.

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