Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)


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Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)


  • The parking area for the springs is obvious, as there is little other development in the vicinity.- Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)
  • A sign marks the short dirt path to the spring. Also, make note that the springs lie on private property, and camping at the springs and in the surrounding area is not allowed.- Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)
  • The dirt path to Hrunalaug heads down a short slope and just up another.- Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)
  • Visitors are asked to pay 1.000 ISK to help with maintenance.- Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)
  • The small changing room that sits beside the hot pool gives the spring a fantastical quality.- Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)
  • The spring sits in an isolated area, though the pool tends to fill up quick.- Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)
  • Hrunalaug has a rectangular pool at about 39˚C that is large enough for six to eight people to sit comfortably.- Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)
  • A smaller square pool sits immediately outside the changing room, though the water is cooler than in the adjacent rectangular pool.- Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)
  • Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs).- Hrunalaug (Hruni Hot Springs)
Overview + Weather
Isolated atmosphere
Can get crowded
Pets allowed: 
Number of pools: 
Year round: 
Parking Pass: 
Preferable Season(s):
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Water temperature: 
104.00 °F (40.00 °C)
Current Local Weather:
Hot Spring Description

Hot Spring Description

Pro Contributor

Hrunalaug, also called Hruni Hot Springs, is a small spring with a mythical feeling.

Small and picturesque improvements make it accessible to soakers. A small concrete room with a turf roof acts as a changing room, with a small warm pool with enough space for only two "sits" connected to the back of the room. Outside, a larger rectangular pool is about 40˚C and has enough space for about eight people.

With those space limitations, it should be noted that this spring tends to fill up quickly and remains crowded throughout the day. Visitors should try to visit early in the mornings or at dusk to avoid the crowds.

Visitors are asked to pay 1.000 ISK to help the landowner with maintenance. Set on private land, there is no camping permitted at the spring or anywhere in the vicinity. There are also no bathrooms or trash cans, so visitors should plan ahead for this.

With the size being such that even small crowds can make the springs feel crowded, springs seekers should also consider the nearby Secret Lagoon, Iceland's oldest public geothermal swimming pool, which has been maintained in a natural state and is sizeable enough to handle crowds and still feel spacious.

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