Kirkham Hot Springs

McCall + Payette River Area, Idaho

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Kirkham Hot Springs


  • A view over the hot springs nestled along the clear waters of the Payette River.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Hot water cascades from above, creating natural showers.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Steam rises from the ledge above the pools as the hot water trickles through orange and green algae.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Colorful algae clings to the rocks, drooping over the edges of the ledges above.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • The natural waterfalls above splash into the hottest pools.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Hot water seems to be flowing from all around.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • The crystal-clear water gently meets the edge of the Payette River.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Soakers enjoying the hot splashing of the natural waterfall.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Boulders in the pools offer natural seating.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • The sounds of the nearby river create a relaxing soaking experience.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • For a change of temperature, soakers can jump into the river's colder water.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Pools of hot water and slippery rocks require careful footing.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • The river is spectacularly clear.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Upper pools next to Kirkham Campground.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Signage is clearly visible as you drive along Highway 21.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • A view of the hot springs from Scenic Highway 21.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • An enthusiastic young hot springs visitor jumps into the Payette River.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Hot water cascading over the rocks provide natural showers for visitors.- Kirkham Hot Springs
  • Collections of natural pools and waterfalls provide a great (and not too built up!) experinece.- Kirkham Hot Springs
Overview + Weather
Pools are large and shareable. Beautiful river. Easy to access.
Can be crowded.
McCall + Payette River Area, ID
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Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Current Local Weather:
Hot Spring Description

Hot Spring Description


Along the Payette River off of Idaho's scenic Highway 21, the Kirkham Hot Springs are some of the most accessible and scenic hot springs in the region. A plethora of large, natural and constructed pools offer soaking options ranging from extra steamy to mildly warm. A natural shower of hot water offers you a chance to get your hair wet. And for those seeking a real mix of temperatures, take a quick jump off of the rocks into the Payette, which is a frigid collection of snow melt from the nearby Sawtooth Mountains. 

The pools are easy to access and kept very clean. The water in both the soaking pools and the river is crystal clear and inviting to visitors. Be careful climbing over slippery rocks, where colorful but slick algae thrives. 

Camping is available at the adjacent Kirkham Campgrounds for those seeking an overnight soaking experience.

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