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Earthship Patagonia Hostel


  • Inside the earthship. Bathroom to the left, garden in the center.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
  • Inside the earthship. Bathroom to the right, garden in the center.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
  • Earthship's structure includes recycled glass bottles.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
  • One of the bathrooms inside.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
  • The hostel has two greenhouses on the property.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
  • Front view of the earthship.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
  • View from entrance looking at the compost, earthship, and yurts.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
  • Inside the earthship. An area to sit at the fire and read a book.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
  • Inside the communal yurt where breakfast is served.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
  • Earthship Patagonia Hostel.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
  • There are three yurts on the property.- Earthship Patagonia Hostel
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Great location. Eco-conscious.
No private bathroom.
Frequently full
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Property Description

Property Description

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Just on the outskirts of the mountain town, El Bolson, lies Earthship Patagonia Hostel. Volunteers from around the world constructed Earthship Patagonia in 2015. Since then, they’ve provided a place where people can learn about living cohesively with the environment through informational tours about the earthship. They encourage people to volunteer during their stay if they want to be apart of the gardening, landscaping, or building, but of course it is not required. If you fancy relaxation instead, there are many places around the property where you can sit and unwind.

This unique hostel offers accommodation in the earthship or in a yurt depending on what style of room you are wanting. The yurts are dormitory style and can sleep up to six people. Inside the earthship there are three private bedrooms that can sleep two people per room. There are two full bathrooms that use grey water and solar power and are shared by all guests inside the earthship. If you want to be even more sustainable, you can use the dry toilet outside. There is a shared kitchen that is available for guest use. Breakfasts are provided and consist of delicious handmade vegan bread, healthy granola and cereal, and local handmade jams.

Many trailheads are walking distance from the hostel, so be sure to pick the manager's brain about some outdoor adventure ideas!

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