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Bartine Hot Springs


  • The road to the springs is down a rutted dirt road marked only by a line of power poles.- Bartine Hot Springs
  • Previously this was the bathing opportunity at Bartine.- Bartine Hot Springs
  • Bartine Hot Springs.- Bartine Hot Springs
  • Further up the hill lies the new heart-shaped tub.- Bartine Hot Springs
  • The tub has been built with inflow that can be plugged to adjust temperatures and outflow to allow for cleaning after use.- Bartine Hot Springs
  • Bartine has amazing views of the Nevada basin.- Bartine Hot Springs
  • Bartine Hot Springs.- Bartine Hot Springs
Overview + Weather
Isolation. New tub was beautifully constructed.
Road and trail to springs can be extremely muddy.
Northern Nevada Basin, NV
Day-Use/Parking Pass Required:
Not Required
Water temp.: 
Hot (greater than 100°)
Number of pools: 
Current Local Weather:
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Light rain in the morning and afternoon and breezy starting in the afternoon.


Flurries in the morning.


Foggy in the morning.


Clear throughout the day.


Clear throughout the day.


Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.


Partly cloudy in the morning.
Hot Spring Description

Hot Spring Description

Pro Contributor

Bartine is one of the jewels of Nevada hot springs that includes a recently constructed heart-shaped stone tub some 500 feet from the previous steel trough used for soaking.

Located about 25 miles west of the town of Eureka, Bartine lies a couple of miles from the highway, though from the soaking tub you'll feel distant from all traces of civilization. Here, only the wind, the surrounding mountains and sky, and the smell of sagebrush keep you company. A set of power lines, which is the only point of reference for directions down the unmarked dirt track, and some leftover ranch fencing are the only other signs of anyone else having been here.

The small, wide mound of a hill provides a reference point from a distance, and the hot springs sit on the mound's southern slope. The area has many seeps and can get very muddy, even in dry weather, so it is recommended that you park near the power lines and walk the last quarter mile to the springs. 

Locating the hot springs requires some looking around. An old metal trough connected by a pipe to the source within a concrete tub is the easiest to find, as it lies up an old double track. Water flows here at about 97 degrees Fahrenheit, and this was the tub used for years until 2015 when a heart-shaped stone tub was built. In the newer pool, water flows from a pipe at about 107 degrees Fahrenheit, and several plugs that limit or stop the inflow of hot water can be used to adjust the temperature. Outflow pipes at the bottom of the pool and near the top allow for easy draining and cleaning after use. The tub has three seats, and it is about 8 feet long and 2.5 feet deep.

Because of the slick mud in the vicinity, there are no roads or even a clear path to the stone tub. From the metal pole and the older steel trough, the heart-shaped tub is about 500 feet away in a northwest direction. 

The final 1.3 miles of the road to Bartine is down a narrow doubletrack. Most passenger cars should be able to make it, but from the final turn to the springs, it is recommended that all vehicles park near the power lines and visitors walk the final quarter mile.

The nearest amenities of any kind are in the town of Eureka.

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