Goldstrike Hot Springs

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Las Vegas + Southern Nevada, Nevada

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Goldstrike Hot Springs


  • Parking for Goldstrike Hot Springs.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • Warning signs about the possible extreme heat at the trailhead.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • The trail begins in a shadeless canyon.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • Emergency water and first aid supplies along the trail.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • Tubs have been built to catch the spring water at different places along the trail.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • Waterfalls appear along the trail.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • One of the climbs with a rope added for stability.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • One of the resident bighorn sheep.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • Hiking Goldstrike Hot Springs.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • Goldstrike Hot Springs.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • Hiking to Goldstrike Hot Springs.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • At the edge of the Colorado River.- Goldstrike Hot Springs
Overview + Weather
Several different springs. Waterfalls along trail.
Can be VERY crowded. Trail and springs can get trashed by people.
Las Vegas + Southern Nevada, NV
4.50 mi (7.24 km)
Number of pools: 
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Current Local Weather:
Hot Spring Description

Hot Spring Description

Pro Contributor

Goldstrike Hot Springs are a collection of beautiful pools perched in a slot canyon with many small waterfalls feeding into the Colorado River just below the Boulder Dam. The pools range in temperature from warm to very hot, and visitors can select their soak based on temperature preference and their tolerance for crowds. While such an area seems like an oasis in the dry region of Southern Nevada, there are a few caveats that hikers should be aware of before taking on the hike.

First, because the hike traces a narrow canyon wash to the pools and the Colorado River, there is a significant risk for flash flooding in this area. Second, this area is prone to dangerously high daytime temperatures (the Lake Mead National Recreation Area has occasionally closed the trail because of hot summer weather). This is also a strenuous and technical trail that requires hikers to use several ropes to climb down slick and steep rock faces, walk through the lower portions of the stream, and climb 920 feet from the river's edge to the trailhead on the hike out. Finally, the proximity of Goldstrike Hot Springs to the Las Vegas metro area has made it a very popular hike, and you can expect to see other people, sometimes dozens of them, on your trip to the springs.

Prepared hikers making the trek will be treated to a number of pools with varying degrees of temperature, size, and privacy. Flooding to the area and fluctuations in spring outlets have changed the location of several of the pools over time, but the water is clear and has no traces of sulfurous odor. Pools range from intimate and shallow reservoirs that have been walled in by a line of sandbags to large bowls constructed with stone and cement walls.

The hike itself is down a sandy wash and includes a lot of scrambling over and around drops and clusters of boulders. The hike stays relatively straightforward until hikers reach the first springs. Not far beyond those is when more climbing and scrambling becomes necessary to continue down the canyon. The nicer pools are further down, and some are located beside waterfalls and in caves and recesses in the canyon walls.

There are no facilities of any kind at the parking area or along the springs. Trash, restrooms, and supplies can be purchased at the Hoover Dam Lodge Casino located about a half mile west of the trailhead exit.

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