Potts Ranch Hot Springs

Toiyabe + Monitor Range Area, Nevada

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Potts Ranch Hot Springs


  • An old ranch house greets travelers along the route to the hot springs.- Potts Ranch Hot Springs
  • Pott's Ranch hot springs overlooks the Monitor Valley.- Potts Ranch Hot Springs
  • Hot water flows down a hot creek before falling through a pipe into the soaking trough.- Potts Ranch Hot Springs
  • Benches beside the trough.- Potts Ranch Hot Springs
  • The trough that functions as the soaking pool.- Potts Ranch Hot Springs
  • Hot water flows from the source.- Potts Ranch Hot Springs
  • A warm soak on a cool day at Potts Ranch Hot Springs.- Potts Ranch Hot Springs
  • Monitor Valley vistas from Potts Ranch Hot Springs.- Potts Ranch Hot Springs
Overview + Weather
Scenic area. Adjustable temperature.
Well known. Feels crowded when other visitors are there.
May, 2017: Access to the Potts Ranch Hot Springs has been revoked by the owner after conflicts with users. Please respect private property and avoid Potts Ranch Hot Springs until there is a policy change.
Toiyabe + Monitor Range Area, NV
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Hot Spring Description

Hot Spring Description

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Note: Access to the Potts Ranch Hot Springs has been revoked by the owner after conflicts with users. Please respect private property and avoid Potts Ranch Hot Springs until there is a policy change.

Potts Ranch Hot Spring consists of a clear and odorless hot stream that is funneled through a pipe into a cattle trough at a steady 104 degrees. Soakers can sit back and enjoy views across the isolated Monitor Valley at the eastern side of the Toquima Mountain Range.

A uniquely Nevada soak, the spring lies in the ghost town of Potts, a former cattle ranch bought by William Potts in 1870. The ranch grew into a community and even hosted its own post office that served local mining and ranching operations before closing in 1941, three years before William Potts sold the ranching operation and left the area that bore his name.

The collection of ghost towns throughout the central Nevada mountain ranges are the spring's closest neighbors, and reaching the tub requires an hour's drive down a graded gravel road through the sparse Monitor Valley after leaving Highway 50, known as the Loneliest Road in America.

The spring sits above an oasis-like stream in the dry and dusty valley just beyond the few remaining ranch structures. The source of the spring sits on a hillside and flows a short distance, allowing the water to cool to a comfortable soaking temperature before falling through three different pipes. These pipes can be moved into or out of the tub, allowing some control over the temperature. 

The pool is a generic round cattle trough, large enough for four to six people, that sits atop a wooden deck with benches and hooks for towels. And while the pool is located a significant distance from any well-traveled roads, it is not uncommon to run into other hot springs enthusiasts here.

If you find yourself amongst a crowd here, consider a trip a short distance away to the hot springs and geologic feature of Diana's Punchbowl just a few miles away.

Please respect the No Camping sign, as there are areas nearer to the ranch buildings that are well suited for an overnight stay.

Passenger cars should have no trouble making the drive to the springs except in wet conditions when the road becomes very muddy. There are no trash cans or facilities of any kind at or anywhere near the springs. The nearest services of any kind are located in either Austin or Eureka.

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