Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary

Northern Nevada Basin, Nevada

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Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary


  • The turnoff to the animal sanctuary is marked by a lone sign.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary building beside enclosures for the animals.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Safe Haven also has rescued birds.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The sanctuary offers educational opportunities for visitors and school field trips, such as this collection of paw print casts.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • There are multiple large enclosures housing the rescued animals.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Coyotes at Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • African servals housed at the sanctuary.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bobcats housed at the sanctuary.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The sanctuary rescues animals that may have been abandoned or kept in dangerous or illegal conditions, such as this black bear that was kept as a domestic pet before being rescued by Safe Haven.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • One of the tigers kept at Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Animals are provided with shade structures, heated and cooled environments, enrichment toys, and sometimes pools.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • A white tiger housed by Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary.- Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
Overview + Weather
Opportunity to see a variety of animals. Accredited sanctuary setting.
Northern Nevada Basin, NV
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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description

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Safe Haven Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary lies off the beaten path in a rural area of central northern Nevada. While the sanctuary welcomes visitors to tour the sanctuary and see the rescue work they are providing for a variety of animals, their priorities differ from a more tourism-based facility such as a zoo. Based on 320 acres of land along the eastern base of the Humboldt Range, Safe Haven is certified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and exists as a nonprofit. Many of the sanctuary's animal residents have come from exotic pet owners or others who may have abandoned or opted to, or been legally required to, turn the animals over. Other animals may have suffered from injuries in a wild setting. Safe Haven provides an environment for the animals to live the rest of their lives.

Animals at the sanctuary include bears, lions, tigers, foxes, coyotes, African servals, bobcats, macaws and desert tortoise. Animals are provided with shade and climbing structures, enrichment toys, pools, and heated or cooled environmental enclosures that mimic their natural environments.

The sanctuary offers educational programs and information along with tours to the visiting public. Three tours a day are offered, provided arrangements are made with the sanctuary in advance. Animal activity varies on a number of conditions, but sanctuary feeding times and cooler morning temperatures make the earlier tour times the best opportunities to see the animals out and moving around or playing. Tours include stories about each of the animals along with a huge amount of information about the way animals may be neglected or mistreated, necessitating their move to a sanctuary. 

Currently, tours are offered daily at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m. Additional special events take place throughout the year. For additional information about the sanctuary, including tour types and pricing, visit or call 775.538.7093.

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