Stag Brook Trail

Adirondacks, New York

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Stag Brook Trail


  • The entrance to the Whiteface Mountain Ski Center.- Stag Brook Trail
  • You will cross the bridge that spans the West Branch Ausable River. This is a popular spot for fishermen.- Stag Brook Trail
  • Looking upriver from the bridge. There is a dam in the distance, and not much further up is 40-foot Wilmington Notch Falls.- Stag Brook Trail
  • Signs are present to help locate the trailhead.- Stag Brook Trail
  • Without the trail register, the trail is easy to miss.- Stag Brook Trail
  • The first and largest waterfall lies down this spur trail.- Stag Brook Trail
  • 40-foot Stag Brook Falls is the star attraction of this trail.- Stag Brook Trail
  • The trail up from Stag Brook Falls can be difficult to locate. Ascend left of this large boulder and look for red blazes. The trail is marked with newer red blazes as well as the old blue blazes. - Stag Brook Trail
  • As the trail climbs up past Stag Brook Falls, there is an opportunity to view it from the side.- Stag Brook Trail
  • Another 4-foot waterfall just past the top of the main falls.- Stag Brook Trail
  • A flume-like waterfall just above the main falls.- Stag Brook Trail
  • It's waterfall after waterfall on this trail.- Stag Brook Trail
  • The top section of the previous two-part cascade.- Stag Brook Trail
  • This waterfall has been referred to as "Footbridge Falls" due to the small bridge that spans the brook at one of its narrowest points.- Stag Brook Trail
  • Picnic Table Falls was named by a guidebook author due to the picnic table near its pool. This was done to offer a point of reference.- Stag Brook Trail
  • This 15-foot waterfall is at the base of a long slide that holds a variety of smaller waterfalls.- Stag Brook Trail
  • A hiker pauses to capture a photo of this 20-foot block waterfall.- Stag Brook Trail
  • Side-view of the block cascade.- Stag Brook Trail
  • This large slide fall has been worn smooth by the water.- Stag Brook Trail
  • Each waterfall here seems to have its own personality.- Stag Brook Trail
  • Stag Brook is a waterfall-lover's dream.- Stag Brook Trail
  • The slopes and slides of Whiteface Mountain as seen from above. Lake Placid can be seen in the background.- Stag Brook Trail
Overview + Weather
A bounty of waterfalls. Small crowds. Great views.
Adirondacks, NY
Pets allowed: 
Yes, with restrictions
Net Elevation Gain: 
522.00 ft (159.11 m)
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Preferable Season(s):
Spring, Summer, Fall
Total Distance: 
1.20 mi (1.93 km)
Trail type: 
Trailhead Elevation: 
1,327.00 ft (404.47 m)
Current Local Weather:
Hike Description

Hike Description


The Stag Brook Trail at Whiteface Mountain is a waterfall-lover's dream that features over a dozen waterfalls packed into a half mile.

You begin by parking in the main lot and walking across the bridge that spans the West Branch Ausable River. Heading toward the main building, you’ll see a dirt road that leads up the mountain and joins another road at a T intersection. Here you will see the trailhead straight ahead next to the brook. The red-blazed trail parallels Stag Brook the entire way, crossing once. Note: You will see old blue blazes that follow the same trail so do not be confused.

As you continue along the brook, you will notice several picturesque waterfalls, one with a picnic table nearby. The trail comes to meet a dirt road that you will cross to find the trail continuing on the other side. Once again, the trail follows the brook. 

After crossing the road, the waterfalls will be immediately visible. It could be argued that this series of falls is really one massive waterfall as it seems to rise the entire stretch of what the eye can see and ends with a 20-foot high block cascade. However, this series of step and flume cascades is just the beginning on this half of the trail.

Once above the block cascade, you will find several more unique waterfalls of differing shapes and sizes.

The trail ends at a large, narrow gorge where you will see one last waterfall from a distance in the gorge. To return, you can either follow the trail back down or walk down the mountain on one of the slopes and enjoy the views.

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