Lake Esnagi Fishing Lodge

Algoma Country, Ontario

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Lake Esnagi Fishing Lodge


  • Canvasback ducks using a rock to rest. Loons and beaver were additional wildlife often seen on the water.- Lake Esnagi Fishing Lodge
  • With the ice melt comes walleye rushing into Lake Esnagi.- Lake Esnagi Fishing Lodge
  • Boreal forest boasts solitude with no roads in or out. Puddle jumper planes or a train depot at the south end of the lake are the only ways in or out.- Lake Esnagi Fishing Lodge
  • Esnagi Lodge perched on a bluff overlooking the lake.- Lake Esnagi Fishing Lodge
  • Hawk Air offers fly-in options to the lodge as well as primitive campsites to drop off and pick up at later dates.- Lake Esnagi Fishing Lodge
  • The Canadian wilderness. Only signs of humans are logging roads that snake through the forest below. - Lake Esnagi Fishing Lodge
  • The lodge provides a shore lunch, but you have to catch your protein source. Walleye, pike, whitefish, and perch are all plentiful.- Lake Esnagi Fishing Lodge
  • A 28-inch walleye, thrown back after picture was taken.- Lake Esnagi Fishing Lodge
Overview + Weather
Quiet and secluded. Wildlife. Scenic views.
Accessible by plane, boat, or train only. Ongoing remodel of cabin grounds.
Algoma Country, ON
Occasionally full
Pets allowed: 
Year round: 
Open from: 
May 15 to November 30
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Property Description

Property Description

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Camp Esnagi sits in the remote northwoods of Ontario in Algoma Country. Lake Esnagi, for which the lodge takes it's name, is ranked among Canada's best fishing destinations, affording fishing and outdoors enthusiasts the ability to reach a region of land sparsely inhabited by humans and abundant in wildlife. Wild and rugged, this sort of trip demands a basic acceptance of "eat what you catch" and giving thanks to nature.

The lodge opens in May when the snow melt occurs continues to operate well into autumn, when the lodge shifts to cater toward deer and moose hunting. Access to the lodge and lake is achieved via two means: plane and train. There are no legal roads that reach Lake Esnagi save for logging roads, but these are illegal for use by anyone other than a licensed logging truck. The local towns of Missanabie, Ontario, and Hawk Junction, Ontario, afford adventurers a place to drive to, where they can either board the train in Missanabie or hop on a plane with Hawk Air in Hawk Junction.

Upon arrival at the dock, staff and/or the owner are present to direct guests to reserved cabins that offer rustic and simple accommodations. These cabins are simple. The main lodge offers a comfortable seating and dining area where Wi-Fi is offered in addition to breakfast and dinner.

Lunch at Esnagi is a remarkable treat. Esnagi Lake proper is a 28-mile long lake with a multitude of shore landings, where visiting fisherman are invited to catch their lunch and cook it on shore with the fixings provided by the lodge in the morning prior to disembarking. If eating fresh fish isn't to your liking, then the lodge offers to send along sandwiches instead.

As the lodge offers an array of amenities to help fishers keep what they catch. The guides and dock hands present are proficient in cleaning fish, and there is a freezer to store filets until departure. Additionally, there are several guides available that have extensive knowledge of the lake and its sweet spots, and their services can be rented for a day. (On occasion, the owner will throw in a complimentary day based on package arrangements.)

Each arrival party can access to their own boat that seats two to three people. The boats are relatively new and have been outfitted with comfortable seating for cruising and fishing. At the dock, there is also a bait house with live minnows that may be purchased, but they do not restrict bringing outside bait so long as it corresponds with local Canadian Department of Natural Resources rules and regulations.

Points of note prior to arriving to Camp Esnagi are that a Canadian fishing license is required. The province offers two types of license for which an online purchase is available or passes can be purchased in Wawa prior to embarking for the remote region. If you choose to purchase the license in person, this can be done at Young's General Store, a quirky up-north outpost. Additionally, Lake Esnagi and much of the Canadian northwoods remain unspoiled by human touch or interaction. Please try to keep it this way; clean up after yourself during shore lunches and carry out what you carry in.

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