Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski

Central Oregon, Oregon

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Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski


  • Quick hydration stop before the skin up Kwohl Butte.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • Morning sun creeping through the trees on the ascent.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • The skin tracks rise above the tree line.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • Mount Bachelor in the distance on the skin up to Kwohl Butte.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • Skin tracks and snow covered trees on the way to Kwohl Butte.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • Getting ready for another run on Kwohl Butte.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • Transitioning with Mount Bachelor in the background.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • Earned turns on Kwhol Butte.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • Enjoying great snow on Kwhol Butte.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • Going back for seconds.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • Mount Bachelor from the summit of Kwhol Butte.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
  • View to the south from the summit of Kwhol Butte.- Kwohl Butte Backcountry Ski
Overview + Weather
Fantastic views. Close drive from Bend. Open slopes with consistent gradient. Nearby shelter for warming and camping.
Heavy snowmobile traffic. Long trail approach if not using a snowmobile. Can receive skier traffic from Mount Bachelor if the summit lift is open.
Central Oregon, OR
Max slope angle: 
15-30 degrees
Parking Pass: 
Sno-Park Parking Permit (required in OR + WA 11.01 thru 04.30)
Total Distance: 
15.50 mi (24.94 km)
Vertical descent: 
700.00 ft (213.36 m)
Current Local Weather:
Adventure Description

Adventure Description


Kwohl Butte is one of the many cinder cones that lie south of Mount Bachelor. The easiest way to access it is by snowmobile, but many people use cross-country ski trails out of the Edison Sno-Park or ski in from Mount Bachelor when the resort allows access (check with ski patrol before taking this route). Kwohl Butte offers both great skiing and amazing views!

The skiing can be enjoyed inside the cone for shorter lines, or you can hit all 360 degrees of the outer cone. Typically, the eastern flank holds the most sought after skiing and snowboarding. Here one can enjoy over 700 feet of constant downhill. If you are skiing the long distance to Kwohl Butte from Edison Sno-Park, you may want to consider using the nearby shelter for a simple warming or even a place to spend the night. You can pick up a map of this trail system while at Edison Sno-Park. Even though this is a developed trail system, navigation in inclement weather can be challenging. Be sure to have a map and compass and know how to use them.

Backcountry Safety

Winter backcountry adventures can be dangerous outdoor activities that pose significant risks as conditions affecting safety (i.e. weather, snowpack stability, avalanche hazard) are constantly changing. Prior to engaging in these activities each individual should get the proper training to make safe decisions and be equipped to use avalanche safety resources and tools. Please visit our Backcountry Skiing and Avalanche Safety post to learn more.

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