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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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LeConte Lodge


  • A sunset over the Smoky Mountains from the cliff tops on Mount LeConte.- LeConte Lodge
  • A portion of Alum Cave Trail just before the LeConte Lodge.- LeConte Lodge
  • LeConte llamas! Besides helicopter drops each spring, this is how the lodge gets their supplies, with weekly help of the LeConte llamas.- LeConte Lodge
  • Whether it's your first trip up to the top or 50th, don't forget to sign the guest book!- LeConte Lodge
  • One of the staff cabins at the lodge, the simple life.- LeConte Lodge
  • Take a trip out to Myrtle Point near the lodge and you might just find that you're walking in the clouds.- LeConte Lodge
  • Breakfast and dinner are served in the LeConte Lodge Dining Hall. You also find coffee, lemonade, hot chocolate, and delicious no-bake cookies there as well. Day hikers are welcome in the dining area to pick up a bagged lunch or to eat their packed lunch.- LeConte Lodge
  • Sunset from one of the cabins at the lodge.- LeConte Lodge
  • Four trails are currently accessible to the top. Regardless of which trail you pick, the journey will be just as beautiful as the destination!- LeConte Lodge
  • A rainy morning on Alum Cave headed to LeConte is a foggy and magical place to be!- LeConte Lodge
  • The red squirrels, also known as boomers, are precious. They're cute, and they'll beg. Love them but leave them wild.- LeConte Lodge
  • A journey to the LeConte Lodge is one that will never be forgotten, no matter how many times you make the trek.- LeConte Lodge
  • Looking to hang out and sleep above the clouds? The LeConte Lodge is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.- LeConte Lodge
  • You'll find drinking water just outside of the LeConte Lodge office. Fill up before heading back down.- LeConte Lodge
  • Each cabin is complete with bunk beds, wool blankets, oil lamps, and a bucket for collecting water.- LeConte Lodge
  • The LeConte Lodge is a fantastic place to hang out, play board games, or purchase small needed items or souvenirs to remember your stay.- LeConte Lodge
  • You gotta love those llamas!- LeConte Lodge
  • LeConte Lodge Llamas passing under Grotto Falls as they deliver supplies to the LeConte Lodge on Mount LeConte. - LeConte Lodge
  • Grotto Falls is located on the Trillium Gap Trail, a popular route to the LeConte Lodge. - LeConte Lodge
  • One of the many guest cabins on the LeConte Lodge property. - LeConte Lodge
  • If you hike up to the lodge for a day hike, or if you stay as a guest, be sure to say hello to the llamas if they're there during your visit. - LeConte Lodge
  • Inspiration Point on the Alum Cave Trail is your first taste of the views that the hike to LeConte has to offer and will inspire you to continue your trek to the top. - LeConte Lodge
  • Arch Rock on the Alum Cave Trail is a perfect balance of the wonders of nature and the hardworking of trail crews. - LeConte Lodge
  • Alum Cave Trail is the shortest route to the LeConte Lodge, but isn't to be underestimated. - LeConte Lodge
  • Late summer at the LeConte Lodge. - LeConte Lodge
  • The LeConte Lodge dining hall isn't just for guests at breakfast and dinner. Day hikers can eat their packed lunch there, purchase cookies, a sack lunch or unlimited lemonade, coffee and hot chocolate. - LeConte Lodge
  • A hike to the LeConte Lodge is truly a wonderful way to really experience the essence of the Smokies. - LeConte Lodge
  • Rocking chairs on a guest cabin. You'll find rocking chairs to relax in on the office and dining hall decks as well. Sit back, and soak up life on LeConte. - LeConte Lodge
  • Once you reach the LeConte Lodge, take a trip out to the Cliff Tops! - LeConte Lodge
  • The LeConte Lodge closes during the colder months of the year. However, the trails stay open. If you're hiking LeConte during that time, consider tossing some micro spikes in your bag. The trails can be very icy and slick. - LeConte Lodge
  • Keep an eye out for the locals on your way up to the lodge. - LeConte Lodge
  • Life on LeConte. - LeConte Lodge
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Views. Unique setting. Epic sunsets and sunrises. Accessible only by trail.
Reservations are in high demand.
Smoky Mountains, TN
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March 19 to November 20
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Stokely Hospitality Enterprises
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1 (865) 429-5704
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250 Apple Valley Road
Sevierville, TN 37862
United States
Property Description

Property Description


Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in America. Millions travel through the park every year, but only a sliver of those guests truly experience the magic of the mountains—moments unlike any that can be found at an overlook, roadside, or even on a short trail. This kind of magic will leave you with a true sense of what life was once like before the park was established. That kind of beauty can only be found in a cliff-top sunset or a Myrtle Point sunrise. The warmth of that feeling can only be felt while standing on the porch of your LeConte Lodge cabin, sipping on hot chocolate and looking out over the hustle and bustle of the world below.

The LeConte Lodge is located on Mount LeConte, the third-highest peak in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The lodge can only be accessed by the following trails: Alum Cave Trail, Rainbow Falls Trail, Trillium Gap Trail, and Porter's Creek Trail. You can day hike to the LeConte Lodge year round, but to truly soak up the experience, an overnight stay is a must.

Hike up, get settled in your rustic yet cozy cabin, then say hello to the staff and grab a cup of coffee in the dining hall. You'll also find a delicious, family-style dinner and breakfast served there that's included in your stay. Catch the sunset with other guests on the cliff tops and then sleep cozily under the lodge's wool blankets. All rustic cabins are furnished with heat and oil lamps, the water isn't heated, and restroom facilites can be found in the nearby outhouse. These qualities only contribute to what is a very magical, unforgettable, and truly old-fashioned Smoky Mountain experience.

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