Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Canyonlands + Abajo Mountains, Utah

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Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop


  • Cairn near the trailhead.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Along the trail into the Dry Fork Wash.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Climbing into Peek-a-boo slot.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Arches in Peek-A-Boo- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Arches in Peek-a-boo.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Narrow section of Peek-a-boo.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Northern exit/entrance to Peek-a-boo.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Northern exit/entrance to Spooky slot.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Arches in Spooky slot.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Boulder jam that must be navigated in Spooky slot.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Spooky has some very narrow sections.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • The narrow walls of Spooky slot.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • The narrow walls of Spooky slot.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
  • Textured wall surface.- Peek-a-boo + Spooky Gulch Loop
Overview + Weather
NARROW slot canyons. Relatively easy access. Short hike.
Width of slot canyons may be uncomfortable for some and prohibitive for others. Seasonally extreme weather.
Canyonlands + Abajo Mountains, UT
Pets allowed: 
Net Elevation Gain: 
200.00 ft (60.96 m)
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Preferable Season(s):
Winter, Spring, Fall
Total Distance: 
3.00 mi (4.83 km)
Trail type: 
Trailhead Elevation: 
4,960.00 ft (1,511.81 m)
Current Local Weather:
Hike Description

Hike Description


Southern Utah is amassed with unique slot canyon adventures, but its difficult to find ones with narrower passages than the Peek-a-boo and Spooky side canyons of the Dry Fork Coyote Gulch.  

These canyons can be explored independently, but given their relatively close proximity to one another, it is easy to link them into a loop adventure. The Dry Fork wash is accessed from a cairn-marked trail, and some rudimentary route finding skills are recommended. Once arriving in the wash, head east (downstream) to locate the entrances to the side canyons. Peek-a-Boo will be the first canyon on the left. Its entrance is elevated off the ground about 10 feet, so it possible to miss if you aren't watching for it. Generous hand and foot holds make accessing the opening relatively straightforward. Once inside, this canyon will proceed through a series of arches before becoming a narrow slot. Roughly 0.25 miles long, the canyon will end in a wide, sandy wash and will be marked with a cairn. From this point the adventure can retrace the route back out the canyon or head east to the rear entrance of Spooky.  

The cross-country route from Peek-a-boo to Spooky is not long (less than 0.5 miles), but it does require some route finding ability over unmarked terrain. As was the case with Peek-a-Boo, the north wash exit/entrance to Spooky is marked with a cairn. The canyon itself is only 0.25 miles long, but is only 12 inches wide for much of this length. The constricted nature of Spooky canyon can be uncomfortable for some (psychologically or physically) and downright prohibitive for others. It should also be noted that a boulder jam near the north end of Spooky requires clmibing and stemming to negotiate passage.  

At the time of this adventure, the latter part of Dry Fork Road was deeply rutted and only passable by high clearance 4WD.  

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