Comb Ridge Monocline

Bears Ears National Monument

Colorado Plateau, Utah

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Comb Ridge Monocline


  • Driving east on Highway 95 gives you a sweet view of the monocline.- Comb Ridge Monocline
  • The Cedar Mesa area has endless hidden gems, from arches to native ruins- Comb Ridge Monocline
  • The Comb Ridge Monocline.- Comb Ridge Monocline
  • Just west of the ridge is an unmarked dirt road (Comb Wash Road) heading south, where you can get a better look.- Comb Ridge Monocline
  • Further down the road is a BLM camping area.- Comb Ridge Monocline
  • The layers of Kayenta sandstone are totally exposed.- Comb Ridge Monocline
  • Comb Wash Road.- Comb Ridge Monocline
  • Looking north further up Comb Ridge's 120-mile wall of stone.- Comb Ridge Monocline
  • - Comb Ridge Monocline
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Amazing and unique geology. Lots of other things to do nearby
Colorado Plateau, UT
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Not Required
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Spring, Fall
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description

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It is not every day that you get to drive through one of the most unusual geological features in Utah, but Highway 95 allows you to do just that. The 120-mile monocline known as Comb Ridge is an ancient fault line that slipped around 60 million years ago and created four of these strange formations in the desert of the American Southwest. This includes one of the most famous, known as the Waterpocket, in Capitol Reef National Park. The giant wall of sandstone cuts the landscape almost perfectly from north to south, and the rock was dynamited through in two places for roads. Passing through the ridge is an unofficial entrance to Cedar Mesa and the newly formed Bears Ears National Monument.

Cedar Mesa is one of the most remote and underappreciated areas in Utah. There are hundreds of archaeological sites in the area. The native ruins of Butler Wash are located just east of the fold, and Natural Bridges National Monument is located about 30 miles west on Highway 95. As you head further west you'll enter the darkest skies in the Lower 48. The only Class 2 Dark Skies exist here, according to the IDA.

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