Mason Smith | 12.04.2018

"It's like Airbnb, but for outdoor adventures," is how a friend described the AdventureAide application to me. AdventureAide is an emerging smartphone platform that allows its users to participate in outdoor adventures hosted by local guides (referred to as AdventureAides). These adventures can range anywhere from group hikes, outdoor yoga, and outdoor photography classes to rock climbing and multi-day backpacking trips. This is how it works: Users can sign up to be an Aide, and then they create an outline of their prospective adventures on the platform using a simple interface and set the price and duration of the event. Once the event is approved, other users book the event and enjoy. There's even an option to keep the adventure free if you're more interested in community involvement.

This platform provides users with outdoor opportunities and connects them with a local community of like-minded individuals in addition to introducing both locals and travelers to potentially new or obscure adventures. It's my hope that this app will encourage its users to become more involved in the outdoor community. At this time, AdventureAide has been launched extensively in the Los Angeles area with plans for full-scale releases in San Diego and San Francisco in the near future. Regardless of this, AdventureAides are popping up all over the country; I encourage you to check it out for yourself.



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