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Adventure Artists You Should Follow on Instagram



I've always wished that I had at least some sort of artistic ability. Growing up, art class was the worst; I was always on the hunt for a masterpiece, but before long it became very apparent that I hadn't a single artistic bone in my body. By my teens I came to the conclusion that art was just not in the cards, and I have since gladly left the sketching, painting, and making to others who actually have talent. 

As Instagram continues to blow up and take the world by storm with incredible images, stories and personalities, I have fallen in love with following the adventure artists out there, and I am constantly impressed by both their explorations and their creations while outside. To be able to capture the wonder and beauty of the great outdoors is such a gift, and while I may not be able to partake, it doesn't mean I can't thoroughly enjoy and draw inspiration from the gorgeous work of others!

Over time, I have accumulated a list of my favorite adventure artists, and given that it's the holiday season, I wanted to share these extremely gifted individuals with you! Ranging from well-known painters, masters of ceramics, and professional athletes with a knack for doodles to local welders and friends who don't leave home without their sketchbook, this list covers a lot of ground... 

So take a gander, follow along on their adventures, get inspired, and maybe even purchase a print, mug, or a pair of earrings for that special someone this holiday season!

In no particular order, here's my big list of adventure artists you should follow on Instagram...


Emily Lee @emilieleelee


A post shared by Emilie Lee (@emilieleelee) on


Rachel Pohl


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Mimi Kvinge @Mimikvinge


Nikki Frumkin @Drawntohighplaces 


Lizzy Dalton @lizzydaltonart


A post shared by Lizzy Dalton (@lizzydaltonart) on


Sarah Uhl @sarahvirginiauhl


A post shared by Sarah Uhl (@sarahvirginiauhl) on


Kate Zessel @katezessel 


A post shared by Kate Zessel (@katezessel) on


Gianna Andrews @giannaandrews 


A post shared by Gianna Andrews (@giannaandrews) on


Chris Bentchetler @chrisbenchetler


A post shared by Chris Benchetler (@chrisbenchetler) on


Claire Giordano @claireswanderings


Micayla Gatto @micaylagatto 


A post shared by Micayla Gatto (@micaylagatto) on


Madison Perrins @madisonperrins 


Craig Muderlak @craigmuderlak 


A post shared by Craig Muderlak (@craigmuderlak) on


Iuna Tinta @iunatinta 


A post shared by Iuna Tinta (@iunatinta) on


Gretchen Leggitt @g2legit 


A post shared by Gretchen Leggitt (@g2legit) on


Bri Bol @bribol 


A post shared by B R I B O L (@bribol) on


Taylor Jones @herheartisinthemountains


A post shared by @herheartisinthemountains on


Brittani @scenicrouteco


Deanna @dearsummit 


Hamdi Abdullah @climb.draw 


A post shared by hamdi (@climb.draw) on


Stephen Brooks @stxbrooks 


A post shared by Stephen Brooks (@stxbrooks) on


Peter Gilroy @peterwgilroy 


A post shared by Peter W Gilroy (@peterwgilroy) on


Janessa Bork @intothenature 


A post shared by Janessa Bork (@intothenature) on


Lori Labissoniere @driftawake 


A post shared by Drift Awake (@driftawake) on


Alex Apland @AlexApland 


A post shared by ALEX (@alexapland) on


Megan Marie Myers @MeganMarieMyersArt 


Sam Larson @samlarson 


A post shared by Sam Larson (@samlarson) on


Jonny @drawntosketching


A post shared by Jonny (@drawntosketching) on


David Powell @david_rollyn


A post shared by David Powell (@david_rollyn) on


Aftyn Shah @riseandwander


Brooklyn Bell @brooklyy_b


A post shared by Brooklyn Bell (@brooklyy_b) on


Kristina Wayte @sketchytrails


A post shared by Kristina Wayte (@sketchytrails) on


Jill Pelto @jillpelto


A post shared by Jill Pelto (@jillpelto) on


Lindsey Fox @lefoxstudio


A post shared by Lindsey Fox (@lefoxstudio) on


Jeremy Collins @jercollins_com


A post shared by Jeremy Collins (@jercollins_com) on


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Marko Oblak @marko_oblak_art


A post shared by Marko Oblak (@marko_oblak_art) on


Sarah Hernandez @lostswissmiss


A post shared by Sarah Hernandez (@lostswissmiss) on


Anette Sommerseth @ankatsom


A post shared by Anette Sommerseth (@ankatsom) on


Jared Kohn @mountain_lines


A post shared by JARED KOHN (@mountain_lines) on


Osman Mansaray @os.mansaray


A post shared by Osman Mansaray (@os.mansaray) on


Grant Abernathy @abz_fineart


A post shared by Grant Abernethy (@abz_fineart) on


Jill McDonald @jill_islay


A post shared by Jill Islay (@jill_islay) on


Manola @kvervandi


A post shared by @kvervandi on


Nicole Ringold @ringgoldnicole


Kelli MacConnell @kelli_macconnellprints


Lili Arnold @liliarnoldstudios


A post shared by Lili Arnold (@liliarnoldstudios) on


Aurora Angrove @sunshine.soule


A post shared by Aurora Angove(@sunshine.soule) on


Cameron Barrie @backwoodsstudio


A post shared by Cameron Barrie (@backwoodsstudio) on


Katie Jeanne Reim @final_switchback


A post shared by Katie Reim (@final_switchback) on


Don't see one of your favorites on the list? Comment below and we can add them in!

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