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The Beaches of Tahoe


  • Calawee Cove and Lester Beach.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • A young stand-up paddleboarder enjoying the clear waters off of Rubicon Point.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • Lester Beach sits adjacent to Beach Camp.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • View from the beach at Sand Harbor State Park.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • Commons Beach Park lies on Lake Tahoe's northwest shore, within Tahoe City.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • View north along the park's expansive beach toward Sugar Pine Point.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • Emerald Bay State Park.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • Emerald Bay State Park.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • Meeks Bay Beach.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • South view from Meeks Bay Beach.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • The beach is long and sandy, and there is plenty of room to find your own spot.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • Speedboat Beach.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • Speedboat Beach on Brockway Point.- The Beaches of Tahoe
  • Enjoying Lake Tahoe from Kings Beach.- The Beaches of Tahoe

The spectacle of Lake Tahoe draws many superlatives—the most beautiful, the clearest, bluest waters, the highest, deepest alpine lake in the United States. Wherever the lake ranks among the upper echelon of outdoor areas, it is nevertheless true that Lake Tahoe and its iconic water is a must-see adventure, and nothing captures the lake’s brilliance better than its many golden beaches.

  • Home to Calawee Park and Lester Beach, D.L. Bliss State Park is a beach fixture on Tahoe’s southwest shore. The park offers a day use area nearby D.L. Bliss State Park Campground and its 165 sites. Some of Tahoe’s deepest waters are here, and the park is a great launching point for divers.
  • The beach off of Sand Harbor State Park is an important attraction for a range of activities, diving and boating included. Boat and kayak rentals are available!
  • Commons Beach is a city park in Tahoe City on Lake Tahoe’s west shore. Kayaks for rent and swimming are available during the summer, and Commons is perfect for family excursions.
  • The huge, 2-mile beachfront at Sugar Pines Point State Park is part of the Ehrman Mansion estate, a three-story summer home and, along with the grounds, part of Tahoe’s earliest development. Its historic buildings dot the park. During the summer, the beach offers kayak and stand-up paddle rentals, and it is even open during the winter.
  • One of Lake Tahoe’s finest areas, Emerald Bay State Park is surrounded by amazing views of granite peaks and boasts the only real island in Lake Tahoe just offshore. Check out Vikingsholm, too—Emerald Bay’s own Scandinavian-themed historic mansion.
  • For sandy shores, Meeks Bay Beach ranks with Emerald Bay and Sugar Pine Point, and adjacent Meeks Bay Campground makes it easy to access for campers. Sadly, there are no lakeside mansions to explore here, but we’re sure you’ll be happy with the sun and azure waters of Mediterranean complexion.
  • A popular setting for weddings, Round Hill Pines Beach offers spectacular views of the peaks surrounding Lake Tahoe. The beach here is large and wide, providing ample room for families and children to play. With a bar and grill right on the beach, Round Hill Pines offers amenities unavailable elsewhere.
  • Granite boulders offshore Speedboat Beach lend the shoreline a character unlike anything else at Lake Tahoe, and they are fixtures of water play as swimming platforms and underwater attractions for divers.
  • Proximity to Kings Beach (the town) makes Kings Beach (the beach) an easily-accessible and convenient jaunt for tourists visiting Lake Tahoe. You won’t find better beach access from restaurants, shops and hotels on Tahoe’s north shore.
  • As the name might suggest, Secret Cove + Chimney Beach was once a hotspot for locals looking to beat the tourist crowds. Though not as secluded as it once was, the cove and Chimney Beach remain as beautiful as ever, with stunning views of the surround and granite boulders dotting the water.
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