The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah


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The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah


  • Long open stretches along the Rail Trail with a lot of solitude and great views.- The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah
  • Singletrack and doubletrack opportunities abound at Round Valley, and they are less technical than many other rides in town.- The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah
  • If you go to Round Valley in the early summer you will be greeted with lush greens in all directions.- The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah
  • Heading toward the southeast section of the Mid Mountain Trail.- The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah
  • The Silver Lake Express can get you up the mountain in a jiffy.- The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah
  • So much beautiful terrain in these parts.- The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah
  • Bridge on Bamm Bamm at Trailside Park.- The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah
  • Big c-wall on Bronto Jam at Trailside Park.- The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah
  • Wood features at Road to Acrylon.- The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah
  • Easy ride-around at Road to Acrylon in Park City.- The Best Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah
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When it comes to mountain biking destinations in the west, Park City, Utah is the crown jewel. With its massive network of trails and bike parks boasting over 400 miles of trails, there is a terrific mix of terrain for all skill levels. This diversity makes Park City a great place for people to begin their journey into the sport or to test their meddle on some of the country's top-rated trails. It’s no wonder this mountain town was named the first-ever International Mountain Biking Association’s Gold Level Ride Center. 

While you might not even have to get in your car to enjoy many of these trails, a short 15-minute drive opens up a whole new world of trail systems, which makes Park City and its surrounding area a truly special destination for mountain bikers.

Easier Riding

Casual riders love the wide open views and long  stretches of rides like the Rail Trail or the trails in Round Valley. If you like to ride in wide open spaces with rolling terrain that isn't overly technical, there are several great choices very close to town. The Round Valley Trail System is a large network of green and blue trails that sit right on the edge of Park City near Quinn's Junction and Hwy 40. It has great views of Park City, a ton of other nearby amenities, and you can even bring the pups. It can get busy here, so there are two great alternatives for similar terrain just 10 minutes east on the highway. 

Single-track Riding

The real name of the game in Park City is tight single-track through aspen and pine forests in the mountains, and the town boasts some of the best. The acclaimed Mid Mountain Trail steals the show for being a beautiful and technical 22-mile ride through the heart of town. Having two large ski resorts in the middle of it all means the options are nearly limitless when you are riding the hills above Old Town and Canyon's Village. Many people love to combine Armstrong and Spiro into an awesome loop. Jenni's Trail is also nearby and is a favorite among locals. All are great rides that keep you close to the restaurants and bars of Main Street so that you can end the ride with a frosty beverage. The Glenwild and Flying Dog trails are great for locals or visitors staying out near Kimball Junction. The 24-7 Trail near Jeremy Ranch is another under the radar ride for those looking to avoid the crowds.

Jumps + Downhill Riding

Park City doesn't leave anyone out, and if having two wheels on the ground just isn't your thing, we still have you covered. The Trailside Park is conveniently located, is beloved by local riders, and is well built and maintained. The three trails give people an array of choices and difficulty levels that include drops, gaps, c-walls, jumps, ladders and rock gardens. The smaller and more out-of-the-way Road to Arcylon Park provides a great introduction to freeriding and can help you work your way up to Trailside.

If you’re one who prefers to let gravity do all the work, both Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort offer lift-served access to excellent downhill riding with miles of challenging trails with varying terrain. Beginners are welcome to give it a go, and bikes, helmets, and other protection can easily be rented at both locations.

Regardless of what sort of riding you’re looking to do, Park City has it. This mountain town boasts big adventure all year round, but the mountain biking might just be our favorite part. With something for everyone, no matter the experience, ability, or preference, you can’t go wrong with a bike-cation to Park City. 

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