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  • Journeyman Lodge.- Glamping
  • Journeyman Lodge.- Glamping
  • Journeyman Lodge.- Glamping
  • Patterson Lake Cabins.- Glamping
  • Patterson Lake Cabins.- Glamping
  • Rustic Stone Cabin near Leavenworth at night.- Glamping
  • Rustic Stone Cabin on the mountain.- Glamping
  • Tilly Jane A-Frame.- Glamping
  • Sleeping bunk upstairs in the Tilly Jane A-Frame.- Glamping
  • The Tilly Jane Guard Station.- Glamping
  • Silcox Hut and Mount Hood (11,250 ft).- Glamping
  • Intricate details at the Silcox Hut.- Glamping
  • Devil's Peak lookout under fresh layers of snow.- Glamping
  • Accommodations inside the cabin are cozy.- Glamping
  • A four-legged friend enjoys the view from the lookout deck.- Glamping
  • Panoramic view of Gold Butte Lookout with Mount Jefferson on the right.- Glamping
  • Evening view from the east deck of Gold Butte Lookout.- Glamping
  • Sunset on Mount Jefferson and Gold Butte Lookout.- Glamping
  • Excellent star viewing with minimal light pollutionf rom Gold Butte Lookout.- Glamping
  • The cozy inside of Gold Butte Lookout.- Glamping
  • Arrival at the Hemlock Butte Cabin. - Glamping
  • Snow can reach up to the second level, requiring snow stairs to enter.- Glamping
  • The Hemlock Butte cabin at night.- Glamping
  • Wildflowers abound in early summer at the Phoenix Ridge Backcountry Yurt.- Glamping
  • The interior of the Phoenix Ridge Backcountry Yurt is simple and functional.- Glamping
  • French doors at the Phoenix Ridge Backcountry Yurt give the yurt an open feel to the outdoors.- Glamping
  • The Phoenix Ridge Backcountry Yurt is surrounded by La Garita Wilderness.- Glamping
  • Morton Peak Fire Lookout Tower at the summit of Morton Peak (4,624 ft).- Glamping
  • Morton Peak Fire Lookout Tower at the summit of Morton Peak (4,624 ft).- Glamping
  • Interior of the Morton Peak Fire Lookout Tower.- Glamping
  • Ludlow Hut.- Glamping
  • Two benches and the small kitchen area inside Ludlow Hut.- Glamping
  • Loft sleeping area with flaps down for additional sleeping space at Ludlow Hut.- Glamping
  • Butler Lodge.- Glamping
  • The table near the Butler Lodge entrance.- Glamping

As daylight savings creeps ever closer and the Pacific Northwest finally begins to melt away the biblical snowfall that a particularly ornery Father Winter dropped over the last few months, the longing for adventure intensifies. Every great spring day spent outside is capped with a warm beverage and a soft pillow, and so, we honor Glamping as the star of week nine of our #52AdventureChallenge

Though some might argue that digging a snow cave or setting up a tent beneath a frigid March sky might ring truer to an adventure challenge, those who know the pure joy of waking up somewhere deep in the backcountry next to a warm, old cast iron stove might attest otherwise. “Glamping” is literally shorthand for “glamorous camping,” and we—a crew with an affinity for the outdoors—define “glamor” differently than most. Glamping, in our minds, is less throw pillows or steamed milk in our coffee and more about truly unique and sometimes historical lodging experiences nestled among mountains all along the West Coast and beyond.

Reserving an old fire tower or a cabin is no easy feat, especially on the weekends. Our best advice to you: plan your trip well in advance—in some cases, securing a weekend spot might even require planning as far as a year in advance. is typically the best resource when it comes to planning and reservations. Or, skirt the process altogether and plan a weekend away at a resort like Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort or Patterson Lake Cabins. Truly, when you find yourself with a soft place to rest your head and the mountains situated at the foot of your bed, it’s hard to go wrong. 

Featured Glamping in BC:

Arguably one of the most luxurious Glamping options on this list, the Journeyman Lodge in Callaghan Country is 15 kilometers from any roads and remarkably secluded. Yet the friendly staff serves three meals a day and the lodge provides amenities like hot showers, boot warmers, and pool tables. The best part: It’s privy to over 100 kilometers of cross-country, snowshoe, and alpine ski touring trails and routes that lead to some unbelievable terrain and stunning vistas.

Featured Glamping in Washington:

Leavenworth is one of Washington’s premier year-round adventure destinations. All breeds of outdoorsy types revel in the terrain and sweeping views. Whether you’re a climber, a skier, a hiker, or a mountain biker, the Rustic Stone Cabin serves up an incredibly secluded, cozy experience in the heart of it all.

Featured Glamping in Oregon:

The Tilly Jane A-Frame is tucked up into the Mount Hood National Forest and is one of Oregon’s favorite and most coveted overnight destinations both in the heart of winter and the heat of summer. The 2.5-mile journey in, on a clear day, serves up staggering views of Mount Hood, and, incredibly, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens, and even Mount Rainier. The cabin itself is cozy, and perfect for bigger groups—the spacious A-frame sleeps up to 20.

Featured Glamping in California:

The rustic Pear Lake Ski Hut is situated 6 miles from the trailhead and requires a whopping 2,000 feet of climbing to reach. But once you’re there, the cozy cabin can sleep up to 10 people comfortably (everyone gets their own bed!) and is a perfect base camp for a wealth of adventure within the craggy granite ranges of the Sierra high country.

Featured Glamping in Colorado:

Staying in a yurt is a wholly novel experience, and the Phoenix Ridge Backcountry Yurt nestled deep within the La Garita Mountains serves up a somewhat magical experience. Solar panels help to provide lights over the wood-burning stove in the cozy kitchen and a space big enough to accommodate eight people comfortably.  


​We believe good things come from people spending time outside. We strive to provide inspiration and supporting information on incredible adventures to make it easy for you to get outdoors and explore new places. We understand that life is busy, but we strongly encourage you to make time for outdoor recreation on a weekly, if not daily, basis. To keep you inspired all year, we've put together a list of 52 geologic features and adventure themes. Check them out and join us in our #52AdventureChallenge!

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