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Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas


  • There are quite a few river crossings on the Lost Coast Trail. Bring plenty of extra socks because your feet will get wet. - Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Seals are a common sight along the Lost Coast Trail.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Mountains meet the ocean on the Lost Coast Trail.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • The Lost Coast Trail follows the Northern California Coastline. - Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Trestles Beach, San Onofre State Park.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Surfers enjoying a small day at Trestles.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Trestles is home to world-class surf breaks.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • The trail to Goldstrike Hotspring begins in a shadeless canyon.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Waterfalls appear along the trail to Goldstrike Hotspring.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Hiking Goldstrike Hot Springs.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Joshua trees: a perk of veering from the highway to reach Alkali Hotspring.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • The more inviting pool at Alkali Hot Springs. Temperature is controlled by adjusting the inflow pipes.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • View from the tub at Alkali Hot Springs.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Climber making his way up the ice in Ouray Ice Park.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Cross-country skiing the Trillium Lake Loop near Mount Hood.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Contributor Asmund Tweto skiing from the Trillium Lake fishing platform to the dam.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • White River flowing off of Mount Hood.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • A happy skier at Teacup Lake.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • The Cedar Creek Falls and the swimming hole near San Diego- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • The Cedar Creek Falls Trail near San Diego.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Cave at the base of the Ouray Ice Park.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • The Ouray Ice Park offers a variety of grades and styles, all available for safe top roping.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • The ice park offers some challenging routes for experienced climbers.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Those looking for extra challenges can venture into the hills to climb natural ice.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • La Jolla Cove with Scripps Park in the background.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas
  • Cormorants and brown pelicans nest on the cliffs in La Jolla Cove.- Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas

If you just came down with a last minute case of wanderlust, don’t worry, this list has you covered. It’s not too late to schedule an awesome vacation for the coming weeks to enjoy a new sport or favorite hobby. Whether you are craving sunshine and swimming holes or a one of a kind winter adventure, the places and experiences on this list will leave you wanting to call in sick and book that plane ticket, ASAP.

San Diego Beaches and Day Hikes

There’s a reason why this is such a popular beach town, and if you are looking for that traditional spring break feel, you’ll probably be pretty satisfied hanging out or surfing at iconic beaches like Trestles Beach. It’s got that typical Southern California vibe, and if you are trying to escape colder weather, you’ll love spending plenty of time down by the ocean. You can watch seals and other wildlife relax at La Jolla Cove, which also has some really interesting geographic features. If you are interested in getting out of the city but still want to bask in the sun, check out the many opportunities for day hikes that will take you up and into the hills, like Cedar Creek Falls + Devil's Punchbowl Hike via Eagle Peak Road. An awesome swimming hole is your reward on this trek.

Ice Climbing in the San Juans

The West has seen a lot of snow and extreme weather this winter, which means you might not have that typical, tropical spring break if you stay in the continental U.S. this year. So why not try a new winter sport instead, like ice climbing? The San Juan Mountains in Colorado offer plenty of guide-led excursions, and you might be surprised how doable this sport is if you have never tried it before. The Ouray Ice Park is the ideal place to learn, and if this spring is as stormy as the last few months have been, why not give it a try? It’s also close to town, making it perfectly located for a quick warm up with a hot toddy by the fire when your cold adventure is done.

Backpacking the Lost Coast Trail

They call this remote trail lost for a reason—backpackers who find themselves along this remote stretch of Northern California coastline don’t expect to see anyone outside of their party for a few days, except for a few harbor seals along the way. It follows the natural coastline through a section too rugged for roads, so aside from abandoned lighthouses, the occasional private cabin, and boats out at sea, you will earn a break from the sight of civilization. The climate here is more in like the Pacific Northwest than Southern California, so be sure to know what you are getting into on this 25-mile trek.

Nevada Hot Springs Road Trip

Get off the beaten path, or Las Vegas Strip, that Nevada vacations are known for. There are several hotsprings within a few hours of Sin City itself. A couple of options include Alkali Hot Springs, the only free hotspring between Las Vegas and Reno, and Goldstrike Hot Springs, the closest spring to Las Vegas. Both options, as well as the others listed on Hotspringing Across Nevada, showcase the state’s desert beauty and will give you a new appreciation for this area of the country.

Cross-country Ski Mount Hood

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the Mount Hood area is an amazing destination if you want to get out on the snow and cross-country ski. Mount Hood offers winter recreation opportunities late into the year even on years with a normal snowpack, and with the above average precipitation on the West Coast this year, it would make a great spring break destination. There are plenty of on mountain places to rent the gear and take a lesson, and the nearby town of Hood River is charming, fun, and the location of several craft breweries. Some of the best trails in the area include Teacup Lake Sno-Park, a popular location with plenty of groomed trails, Trillium Lake Loop, which offers unparalleled views of Mount Hood, and White River West Ski Trail, a more advanced but remote route.

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