Wednesday's Word - Netarts


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Wednesday's Word - Netarts


  • Netarts Bay.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • View south from Cape Meares Lighthouse toward Three Rocks NWR and Cape Lookout across Netarts Bay.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • Netarts Spit and Netarts Bay.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • Beach along Netarts Spit.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • Winter storms from the Cape Lookout Hiking Trail.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • Cliffs along the Cape Lookout Hiking Trail.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • Cape Meares Lighthouse.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • Pacific Ocean views from the Cape Mears Big Spruce and Beach Trail.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • The Cape Meares Big Spruce, the Oregon State Champion, stands 144 feet and is over 750 years old.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • Oceanside beach looking out toward Three Rocks National Wildlife Refuge.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • Another view from Oceanside and Three Rocks NWR.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • View of Three Rocks NWR from Oceanside North beach.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • Gooseneck barnacles at Oceanside North beach.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts
  • Cabins can be rented at Cape Lookout State Park Campground.- Wednesday's Word - Netarts

Wednesday's Word is Netarts - niːtɑrts -- NEE-tarts

n: 'n' in 'nigh'  iː: long 'e' in 'seed'  t: 't' in 'tie'  ɑr: 'ar' in 'bard'  t: 't' in 'tie'  s: 's' in 'sigh'

Netarts Bay is the bay that is south of Tillamook Bay on the Oregon Coast. On the eastern side of the bay is the town of Netarts. It was originally inhabited by the Native American Tillamook, or Killamook, tribe. In the Killamook language, the place was named "Ne ta at" which meant "near the water."

Netarts is a great place to begin an exploration of the nearby coastal wonders. Oceanside and Three Rocks National Wildlife Refuge are to the north of Netarts, and Cape Lookout juts out at the south end of Netarts Bay. Quieter and less-trafficked than other destinations on the Oregon Coast, these areas are great for day trips from Portland or as part of longer explorations along the coast. Visitors can also hike along Netarts Spit and get great views of Cape Lookout and Three Rocks NWR along the way.

Cape Meares Lighthouse, to the north of Oceanside, provides stunning views of the area. The lighthouse was erected in 1890 and was actively used by the Coast Guard until 1963. Today it's open to the public, and tours are available from April through October. You can also get a close-up view of the nearby Cape Meares Big Spruce. This giant Sitka spruce tree is the state champion tree and the tenth largest spruce tree in the world. It stands 144 feet tall and is over 750 years old.

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