Wednesday's Word - Yachats


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Wednesday's Word - Yachats


  • Yachats, Oregon.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats
  • View from Cape Perpetua outside of Yachats, Oregon.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats
  • Fairy bells (Disporum hookeri) along Sweet Creek.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats
  • Ledge Falls along Sweet Creek.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats
  • Light streams down onto the Gywnn Creek Trail.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats
  • Mountain biking on the Cummins Creek Loop.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats
  • The bridge at the upstream end of the Cape Perpetua Campground leads to the Cape Perpetua Giant Spruce.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats
  • The Giant Spruce of Cape Perpetua.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats
  • The shady, forested Saint Perpetua Trail.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats
  • Cape Perpetua.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats
  • Cape Perpetua: View southeast toward the Siuslaw National Forest.- Wednesday's Word - Yachats

Wednesday's Word is Yachats​ - jɑːhɑːts -- YAH-hahts

j: 'y' in 'yes'  ɑː: 'a' in 'father'  h: 'h' in 'hi'  ɑː: 'a' in 'father'  t: 't' in 'tie'  s: 's' in 'sigh'

The town of Yachats, Oregon, along Oregon's coast, has been inhabited for over 1,500 years. It was one of many permanent villages used by the Alsea Tribe, which migrated between camps on an annual cycle in accordance with their hunter-gatherer lifestyle. When Highway 101 was constructed, excavations of the area uncovered numerous artifacts, including human remains. There is some disagreement on the origin of the town's name. According to Oregon Geographic Names, Yachats is from the Siletz language and means "dark water at the foot of the mountain." Another possibility is that the name is an anglicized version of the original Alsean name for the same settlement. 

Yachats is a great launching point for many types of outdoor adventures. Cape Perpetua is nearby and offers sweeping ocean views, camping spots, and hiking trails. A few popular mountain biking trails are also in the vicinity. The Siuslaw National Forest sits between Yachats and the Coast Range, with more hiking trails and wonderful waterfalls to explore, such as Sweet Creek and Kentucky Falls.

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