78 Itineraries
If you're looking for a small mountain town that packs a big, family-friendly adventure punch, you've come to the right place.
Lake Placid is an iconic town at the heart of the Adirondacks known mostly for hosting the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games. The legacy of the Winter Games has left an indelible mark on the town and its people.
Colorado offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities for adventurers of all sorts. Though you can find endless adventure opportunities throughout the state, there are a variety of great options close to the city. With Outdoor Project's Block Party [1] coming up this weekend, we sat down with the crew at Denver Beer Company [2] to ask about their perfect adventure weekend.
The Tetons of Wyoming are famed among hikers, mountain climbers, skiers, river runners, anglers, and made familiar to all by photographers. This rugged range forms one of the most iconic skylines in the American western landscape.
If you are a rock climber then you have likely already heard of Red River Gorge in Kentucky.
One could easily spend a lifetime exploring Yosemite National Park [1]. Like it's towering glacial-carved granite monoliths and vertigo-inducing chasms, Yosemite's wonders run broad and deep.
British Columbia, Canada
The Sea-to-Sky Highway is one of North America’s scenic byways, and burrowing into the heart of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, it traverses rugged shores and alpine terrain that isn’t quite like anything in the continental United States.
Lake Charles is found near the heart of what’s affectionately known as "Louisiana’s Outback”—one of America’s last great wetland wildernesses.
With its mountainous terrain, colorful desert rocks, and deep river-cut canyons, northeastern Utah is home to a raw and adventure-laden landscape.
New Orleans: A city famous for music, food, festivals, and history. Though its population is not especially large by national standards, it is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the South and one of the top tourist cities in the country. Built on fertile floodplain where America's greatest river meets the sea, New Orleans is at the heart of Delta Country.
Mesa, Arizona, is a hidden gem in an overlooked state. Arizona is known for its 120-degree heat, saguaro cactus, and vast desert landscapes. But, for those fortunate enough to venture out, this state provides an abundance of outdoor recreation that hides in some of its most secret places. Mesa is a city full of surprises itself.
Making it all the way to Big Bend National Park [1] in Southwest Texas is quite the trip, but it's well worth the long drive to explore this diverse desert at the international border with Mexico. There are sands and cacti, to be sure, but this landscape is far richer in life and landforms than you might expect.