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If you're looking for a small mountain town that packs a big, family-friendly adventure punch, you've come to the right place.
Lake Placid is an iconic town at the heart of the Adirondacks known mostly for hosting the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games. The legacy of the Winter Games has left an indelible mark on the town and its people.
There’s something about skiing. The quiet that descends as the snow blankets the landscape, mountain shadows made stark by snowy peaks, and the unmatched thrill of racing down a groomed trail all get ahold of you. When you fall in love with skiing, it’s one of those lifelong loves.
A 2-Week 4,000-kilometer Driving Tour
Namibia is a sub-Saharan African country that is quickly growing popular among travelers. Offering unique landscapes ranging from the vast expanse of the Namib Desert [1] with seemingly endless towering dunes to the waterholes of Etosha National Park [2], it's a country that is endlessly fascinating.
There’s really nothing quite like setting off on the open road for an outdoor adventure experience. Road tripping is one of the best ways to see the wild landscape and incredible beauty this continent has to offer, having the freedom to stop, stay and modify plans to explore our public lands as you see fit.
There are two camps when it comes to Sasquatch: those who believe, and those who don't. Many scientists have discounted the existence of this legendary creature and consider conversations to be some combination of misidentification, folklore, or a hoax.
Though there are myriad reasons why having a dog in your life can elevate your health and happiness, having a full-time, no-questions-asked, ever-excited adventure buddy tops the charts. If your number one hiking pal has four legs, you’re used to the cruising through Outdoor Project, filtering out adventures within National Parks or too-delicate ecosystems.
Colorado offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities for adventurers of all sorts. Though you can find endless adventure opportunities throughout the state, there are a variety of great options close to the city. With Outdoor Project's Block Party [1] coming up this weekend, we sat down with the crew at Denver Beer Company [2] to ask about their perfect adventure weekend.
In 1968, Yosemite rock climber Yvon Chouinard left California with a few of his friends in a Volkswagen bus to follow the Pan-American Highway south to Patagonia, where the group spent a few months that would change their lives - and, indeed, the outdoor industry - forever.
In all the years I’ve lived in Central Oregon (14) I still find myself saying more often than I’d like, “I’ve never been there.” That was the case recently when my wife asked a friend about some nice little “baby-friendly” hikes. No, she wasn’t referring to me (although I much prefer riding my mountain bike than walking in the woods).
and a Foliage Map to Get You There!
The turn of the leaves makes fall one of the best times to get outside. And while many people may think of New England when it comes to fall foliage, there are beautiful and unique places to catch nature’s color show all across the United States. Hipcamp [1] created a fall foliage prediction map [2] to help you plan the brightest, most colorful foliage trip yet. ....
If there’s anything that compounds the magical allure of a trail in winter, it’s a frozen waterfall at its terminus. Frosted trees, sparkling rivers, and invariably fewer people converge to paint an entirely new picture of a trail—even for those who might frequent it often during the warmer months.