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Elevation Gain
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7.40 mi (11.91 km)
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A beautiful former lookout site lies just a few miles from the South Breitenbush Trailhead, and it makes a great hike if you dare to tackle the steep climb to get there. Bear Point, located in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness, was the site of a fire tower that was active from the 1930s to the 1960s. Now, just a few scraps remain. Visitors are treated to a splendid view of the northeast side of Mount Jefferson, as well as several other mountains, buttes and lakes.

The hike begins pleasantly enough, gently traversing the slopes above the South Fork of the Breitenbush River. At the trail junction for Bear Point, the character of the trail changes dramatically, and hikers must charge straight uphill to reach the summit. Early summer hikers experience pretty wildflower blooms, including paintbrush and beargrass. Late summer hikers are treated to ripe huckleberries along the way. As the trail gains elevation, there are more and more views of the surrounding terrain. Listen for the sharp calls from pikas that dart between gaps in the rocks along the talus slopes near the trail. 

At the summit, be sure to rest, enjoy the views, and take plenty of photos from the rocky points nearby. If you have the time and energy, it would be possible to head back down to the South Breitenbush trail, turn right, and head into Jefferson Park for a night of camping. From Jefferson Park, there are a number of trails and lakes to explore on a more extended trip.

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Not Required


Excellent viewpoint. Huckleberries in the summer. Solitude.


Steep climbing on Bear Point Trail.

Trailhead Elevation

3,040.00 ft (926.59 m)

Net Elevation Gain

3,000.00 ft (914.40 m)


Big vistas


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