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Open Year-round
ADA accessible
Guided tours
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Located off of a country road a little more than 10 miles north of Cookeville, Tennessee, you will find a beautiful site hidden in the trees.

Waterloo Falls is a charming and beautiful 35-foot waterfall about as long as it is high. A little hike on the edge of the water follows the rim of this small canyon while passing back by your vehicle. Little springs spit out of the rock wall, and beyond along the path you will find another a cascade. While somewhat difficult to access, the hidden nature of this unknown gem gives it a secluded and exclusive feel that can't be found in more widely known destinations.

Pay attention to the included directions, because you could pass up the access road, which looks like the driveway of a private residence. When you turn on Virgil Murphy Road you will pass a house on the left, but continue down the path and you will see a stream and an open parking lot. You might not see anyone else parked in this area. Once you are ready to approach, head to the right following the flow of water. Continue on the edge of the water. Watch your footing; the ledge you will be traversing is steep and narrow. Now look left to see the beauty that you have traveled to the remote location to see.

Make sure to wear shoes or wraparound sandals, because you don't want your footing to slip when near the edge of the falls.

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Hidden beauty. Gorgeous waterfall. Low foot traffic.


Locations to best view falls are narrow and steep.

Pets allowed



Big vistas
Geologically significant
ADA accessible


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