Sandy beach
Cliff jumping
Hike-in Required
Sensitive Habitat
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After dropping 25 feet, the narrow granite gorge of Eagle Falls on the South Fork of the Skykomish River creates one of Washington state's best swimming holes. This spot should be reserved only for the hottest summer days; because of the glacial waters and the day-long shade, few places provide greater relief from the heat.

With sheer rock cliff jumping spots, rope swings, 20-foot deep pools, and direct access off of Highway 2, Eagle Falls has the potential to attract hordes of people. Because of the constant shade, however, it can be completely vacant on cooler days.

Leave No Trace

The Forest Service has considered closing access to this sensitive location due to excessive trampling of plants, large amounts of garbage, cans and glass bottles, and graffiti. Check this video for an example of the significant and totally inappropriate challenges facing Eagle Falls. The Forest Service simply does not have the staff or the funding to attend to these issues. If you want to continue enjoying this area, pack out all garbage, cans and bottles, and dispose of it properly. Using this area responsibly will increase the chance that people can continue to enjoy it in the future.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)


Parking Pass

Not Required


Deep pool. Cliff jumping and rope swing.


Very cold water and always in shade.


Sensitive Habitat


Nearby Lodging + Camping

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest


RIP Devin Shelby and everyone else that dies at these glacially fed white water Rapids because of bad information they recieved calling this place a swimming hole. The water is freezing cold and you will find yourself locking up and struggling to swim in the freezing cold skykomish river even if it's a hot July day. Do not swim here unless you are okay with the fact you may die here.
THIS IS NOT A SWIMMING HOLE. Numerous people have DIED at this location this summer. Last week a woman was lifted out of the area paralyzed. This is NOT a swimming hole - it is a dangerous rapids, there is nowhere to park, and cars are going 60 MPH.

An incredible oasis.
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