Zdenek aka ZEE Humplik

OK.. kinda.. After spending 10 months in Central America (2014) and meeting so much nice, energetic, peaceful and lovely people, I'm find out - I really want to travel the world. So I working on it :)

Hitchhiked (2016/17) from North America to the southernmost city in the world Ushuaia, Argentina.

Started from Los Angeles on December 1st 2016. Never hitchhiked more than couple miles around and made it all the way down to Ushuaia..it was more than 19000 km in 80 days..

Catch my flight (3/2016) to New Zealand and traveled all around for 3 months. Went (5/2016) home for 3 weeks to visit family and friends after 3 years of travel and headed to Vancouver for another summer.

Helping artists in foundation with art what we afterwards brought to Burning Man and another regional burn events.

Went back for few months in New Zealand and now I'm new to Australia for year or maybe two in & out.. :)

I'm probably a bit of a dreamer who wishes to travel the world, and does not address the power of material things. I like the company and solitude. Delighted travelling alone and meeting local customs and people.

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