Slaughter Beach

Sussex, Delaware

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Slaughter Beach


  • A public access point.- Slaughter Beach
  • One of the small public entrances to the beach.- Slaughter Beach
  • Going through the tunnel of bushes.- Slaughter Beach
  • Wide-open beaches.- Slaughter Beach
  • A large floating raft sits in the water.- Slaughter Beach
  • A couple and their pet enjoy the beach.- Slaughter Beach
  • A secluded spot to relax. - Slaughter Beach
  • Watercraft along the shore left by earlier visitors.- Slaughter Beach
  • The pebbles that make up the beach.- Slaughter Beach
  • Old pier pilings are visible here and there.- Slaughter Beach
  • A closer look at the pebbles.- Slaughter Beach
  • A dead horseshoe crab.- Slaughter Beach
  • Part of an old pier.- Slaughter Beach
Overview + Weather
Isolated. Free.
No amenities. Biting flies.
Sussex, DE
Location type: 
Sandy beach
Pebbly beach
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Current Local Weather:
Adventure Description

Adventure Description


Slaughter Beach is a sandy beach mixed with semi-large pebbles that have been smoothed over by the waters of the Delaware Bay.

Upon entering the town of Slaughter Beach, you will find several public beach access points nestled between the quaint beach homes lining the dunes or the main parking lot at the fire house. The beach plays host to many dramatic events within the animal kingdom, the two most notable being the various shorebirds that stop here to rest along their strenuous migration south for the winter.

The other, and most well known, is the mass congregation of horseshoe crabs during their mating season that usually peaks in the later part of May and into June. One interpretation of the name Slaughter Beach comes from the animals being knocked over by the incoming waves and becoming food for the various predators in the area.

Other migration-related events include monarch butterflies on their return trip from Mexico.

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Updates, Tips + Comments

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