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Matt Sklar | 09.07.2018

Sure, we’d like to ski waist-deep powder in the backcountry every day, but that can’t always happen. Whether there is high avalanche danger or a lack of new snow is keeping you from earning your turns, there is nothing like getting some high speed chairlift laps in. Ripping turns on skis is like sticking your head out the side of the window of the car -- it’s pure, unadulterated exhilaration. You don’t need to have spent years racing in order to experience the sensation of carving either - it’s a sensation any skier can enjoy.

Turning is the essence of skiing -- without it, your first run will certainly be your last. Turning is more than just the way you change directions. It’s an art, it's a rebellion against the laws of physics, and it’s a reflection of your style. No two skiers will make the same set of turns down the mountain -- and that’s why we love it!

You’ve probably noticed, but there's a retro renaissance happening: dad hats, mom jeans, the list goes on…Point is, our parents had things figured out a bit more than we once thought - and the new wave of high performance carving skis makes it all the more apparent. These skis are built to rip groomed and hard snow like a race ski, but they don’t need a closed course to do it.

Whether you’re a retired racer or you just appreciate that locked-in, high-octane feeling that only a traditional carving ski can deliver, there’s no denying that laying down railroad tracks on fresh corduroy is some of the most fun you can have on skis. Capable of holding an edge like none other, these modern carvers boast narrower waist widths, flat tails, and aggressive camber profiles that are designed to deliver specific turn shapes and snappy edge-to-edge performance. Check out skis like the Atomic Redster X9, Salomon S/Max Blast, and Blizzard Firebird WRC to get your fix.

Solid all-mountain skis are now a dime a dozen. Do-it-all daily drivers that can also moonlight as fun carving skis are a quickly growing niche that’s highlighted by this year’s most exciting new offerings like the Line Sakana and redesigned Volkl Mantra M5. This class of skis is almost just as fun after the freshies are pillaged. These are some of the best all mountain skis available in our opinion.

Imagine a ski that you can use to explore off-piste in the morning and still have a blast using to arc turns on groomers in the afternoon. Sound like a tall order? It is, but this new crop of skis has risen to the occasion and offer incredible performance both on- and off-piste. Skis like the Rossignol Experience 94 Ti, Blizzard Sheeva 9, and Atomic Vantage 90 Ti are go-tos in this category. Don't sleep on 'em.

No we’re not sending our powder skis out to pasture, the fatties are here to stay, we’re just bringing some more fun, hard-snow focused compliments into the quiver. Not every day can be a powder day, which makes a great case to pick up a pair of skis that can make any snow conditions fun. Make the mountain your playground and leave your mark however you see fit.


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