News of the Week - September 22, 2014


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News of the Week - September 22, 2014



Summer may officially be over, but the weather is still warm and there is always news happening that impacts the outdoors. Here are some headlines from last week's stories worth reading.

Before and After Photos of California's Drought

California's drought has taken a toll. Here is a visual display of the stark difference in water levels in the many lakes and reservoirs impacted by the lack of rain.

Unusual Fish Visiting Alaskan Waters are a Sign of Warming in the Pacific Ocean

A sunfish was spotted in Prince William Sound, and a skipjack tuna was caught at the mouth of Copper River. Both of these species are rare visitors to Alaskan waters, and a clear sign of warming in the Pacific Ocean. Specifically, an ocean hotspot has formed, and it's bringing some fish farther north than ever before seen.

Worldwide August Temps Top Chart as Hottest Ever

Although scientists always caution against using a single point to show a growing trend, this most recent August was the hottest ever on record. That being said, the month of August has been getting warmer for the past three decades.

Study Finds Laundry Responsible for Flame Retardants in the Columbia River

Scientists from the Washington Toxics Coalition have been studying the source of flame retardants in the Columbia River. From their recent report, it turns out the chemicals are from household goods such as couches and other furniture, and they are reaching the river after washing out in the laundry. 

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