Wednesday's Word - Ohanapecosh


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Wednesday's Word - Ohanapecosh


  • Ohanapecosh River- Wednesday's Word - Ohanapecosh
  • Ohanapecosh River- Wednesday's Word - Ohanapecosh
  • Ohanapecosh River from the Ohanapecosh campground.- Wednesday's Word - Ohanapecosh
  • Elbow Room Rapid- Wednesday's Word - Ohanapecosh
  • Ohanapecosh River and the Blue Hole Swimming Area.- Wednesday's Word - Ohanapecosh
  • Ohanapecosh River chasm.- Wednesday's Word - Ohanapecosh
  • Grove of the Patriarchs Trail.- Wednesday's Word - Ohanapecosh

Wednesday's Word is Ohanapecosh - oʊˈhænəpɨkɒʃ -- oh-HAN-uh-peh-cawsh

: long 'o' in 'bode'  ˈ: primary stress follows  h: 'h' in 'hi'  æ​: short 'a' in 'bad'  n: 'n' in 'nigh'  ə: 'a' in 'about'  p: 'p' in 'pie'  ɨ: 'e' in 'roses'  k: 'k' in 'kind'  ɒ: short 'o' in 'body'  ʃ: 'sh' in 'shy' 

The name is from the Upper Cowlitz Tribe, meaning "standing at the edge," and it was applied to riverside habitations. 

The Ohanapecosh River originates from the Ohanapecosh Glacier. It drains the southeastern flanks of Mount Rainier. The river can be kayaked, however, be prepared for the Class V rapids you'll find along the way. Along the river's banks are campgrounds, waterfalls, hiking trails, swimming holes, hot springs, and forests with ancient cedar and fir trees. 

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