Adventure content that lives on Outdoor Project is born from the passions, talents, dedication, and vision of Outdoor Project Contributors. These individuals are the writers, videographers, and photographers who have elected to share their adventures with the Outdoor Project Community in an effort to build the very best resource for outdoor information and inspiration. Active Contributors participate in our Contributor Rewards Program, which receives a minimum of 10% of all our revenue annually. In addition, Outdoor Project Contributors are recognized for their phenomenal efforts with seasonal awards, prizes, and access to pro deals from all of our sponsors. If you would like to join in and help build this lively, active community, we’d love to hear from you.


Pro Contributors

Publishing roughly two adventures per month, these contributors are currently the most active voices in the Outdoor Project Community. Blistered, beat, and grinning, these adventurers make publishing adventures a habit, just like getting outside. In addition to valuable Contributor Rewards and endless appreciation, Pro Contributors receive the best pro deals from Outdoor Project Partners.

Sponsored Contributors

Sponsored Contributors publish approximately one adventure per month. Sponsored Contributors may not get out as much as they’d like to, but when they do, they make it count. These are folks who have chosen to carve out a little time and effort to share their experiences with the Outdoor Project Community once their adventure is finished. Sponsored Contributors are a valued part of the Contributor Rewards program and receive excellent pro deals from our Outdoor Project Partners.


The heart and soul of Outdoor Project resides with Contributors at all levels of participation. These are the talented writers and photographers who have elected to pass on their first-hand knowledge of an adventure for the benefit of the Outdoor Project Community. In return, Contributors receive points per adventure that qualify them for participation in the Contributor Rewards Program.

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