Outdoor Project is spearheading a completely unique approach to publishing the highest quality information. We have created a hybrid approach somewhere in between crowd-sourced content development and paid contractor journalism similar to traditional print magazines.

Here's how it works...


We are seeking the most talented and energetic outdoor enthusiasts living in Oregon and Washington to help add fun, informative and inspiring content to the website.

Outdoor Project is a curated publication. At this point, due to limited editorial resources, we are balancing the need for adding adventure content with our ability to maintain a hi bar for quality of our media and reliability of informative content.

To apply to become an Outdoor Project Contributor please submit the following:

  1. 8 photos from your last favorite adventure
    If you have an online portfolio that will suffice as well. Please include the URL.
  2. A written description of that adventure (max 300 words).

1. Choose an adventure

Currently, Outdoor Project is looking for coverage of the following adventure types:

Special Lodging (ie, cabins, lookout towers)
Campgrounds + Campsites
Hiking + Backpacking
Mountain Biking
Cycle Touring
Swimming Holes + Cliff Jumping
Canoe + Kayaking (flat water)
Rafting + Kayaking (white water)
Wildlife Viewing
Ocean Beaches/Shores
Hot Springs
Snow Shoeing
X-Country Skiing
Downhill Backcountry Skiing
Ice Skating (outdoors only)
Special Destinations (ie, geological landmarks, viewpoints, historic sites, etc.)

2. Submit an adventure

We are looking for Contributors to submit 3 things once you've gone out on an adventure:

1. Media (photo and/or video)

8-20 edited photos and/or a short film roughly 2-5 min. in length

2. Trip Report + Highlights

150-300 word Trip Report + Highlights specific for each adventure type (ie, trail length, number of campsites, etc.)

3. GPS Data + Field Notes

8-20 edited photos and/or a short film roughly 2-5 min. in length

3. Get Rewards/$$$

In return for your involvement as a Contributor, Outdoor Project will provide a platform where you can promote your work and you will be enrolled in our Contributor Rewards Program. Here's how it works:

1. Contributor submits adventure

2. Contributor gets Adventure Points (AP)

Based on the degrees of effort required for covering different adventure types, AP for each type ranges, for example:
- 1-50 site campground = 4 AP
- Summiting Mt. Hood = 8 AP

3. AP are converted to free membership

4. At a distinct, threshold, AP are converted to Sponsonship + Pro Deals from partnering retailers (in progress).

5. Every season (winter/summer) fun Prizes are awarded to outstanding Contributors.

For example: prizes for most AP, or best submission.

6. At specific increments, AP are converted to Annual + Perennial Units

10% of all revenue is distributed annually amongst all Contributors (OP staff are not included)

Annual Units are accrued and paid out in 1 year. Perennial Units are accrued in one year, but paid out every year as long as the business is in operation.