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New Adventures

Elkhorn Crest Trail, Oregon, Outdoor Project
Park Butte, Washington, Outdoor Project
Mount Pilchuck, Washington, Outdoor Project
Franklin Falls Trail, Washington, Outdoor Project
Ritter Road Swimming Hole, Oregon, Outdoor Project
Ritter Hot Springs, Oregon, Outdoor Project
Olallie Lake, Washington, Outdoor Project
Talapus Lake, Washington, Outdoor Project
Washington Park Arboretum, Washington, Outdoor Project
Oyster Dome, Washington, Outdoor Project
Table Mountain, Washington, Outdoor Project
Black Crater, Oregon, Outdoor Project
Otter Crest Marine Gardens, Oregon, Outdoor Project
Louis Rasmussen Day Use Park, Washington, Outdoor Project
Priest Point Park, Washington, Outdoor Project
Lake Tapps Park, Washington, Outdoor Project
Green River Gorge Swimming Hole, Washington, Outdoor Project
Green River Gorge Bridge Overlook, Washington, Outdoor Project
Flaming Geyser State Park, Washington, Outdoor Project
John MacDonald Nature Loop Trail, Washington, Outdoor Project
John MacDonald Memorial Campground, Washington, Outdoor Project

Rivers of the Pacific NW

We traveled the region in search of some of the freshest waters, most scenic river gorges, impressive waterfalls, and the best swimming holes.  VIEW RIVERS OF THE PACIFIC NW.


New Comments + Trip Reports

Lower Falls Campground, WA

Pro Member

Lava Canyon is not 8 miles from here, unless you have wings. It's 40 miles and about 1hr 40 min.


Oyster Dome, WA


Such an awesome trail network. Thanks for introducing me to it!


Table Mountain, WA


Great info and photos. Can't wait to do this hike again! Thanks for the write up :)


Cape Meares Lighthouse, OR

Core Team
07.27.14(Trip Date)

The Octopus Tree is super cool. And if you keep walking along the trail, it takes you to some great views of Three Arch Rocks NWR and the cape.


4 Simple "Elimination Diet" Trail Snacks


I must admit, Elimination Diet is the most descriptive & accurate diet name yet! I'll have to give a few of these a try when i finish this bowl of pasta. . .

Thanks for sharing :)


Sheep Canyon, WA


Great trip report! One question-you have two pictures of a campsite. Are these the same campsite? If not, where is the location of the larger looking one "typical backcountry campsite". We are taking off tomorrow and any info would be awesome!!


Tamanawas Falls, OR

Core Team

Great photo!


Lost Creek Campground, OR

Core Team
07.20.14(Trip Date)

A new favorite campground! Peaceful and great camp host.


Muddy Fork, OR

Core Team
07.21.14(Trip Date)

Wow, what a great hike! Abundant variety of flower and insect life enhanced the killer views.


Keenig Creek Campground, OR

07.13.14(Trip Date)

I love camping here! It is a quiet campground, but can get filled up quickly on hot summer weekends! Lots of trails to explore, nice secluded sites. Fishing can be done from almost anywhere on the river! Plenty of native rainbows to be caught!


Lost Creek Campground, OR

Core Team
07.22.14(Trip Date)

Thanks Robyn. We've updated the page accordingly and really appreciate that you let us know!


Lost Creek Campground, OR

07.19.14(Trip Date)

The campground is open. No reservations needed, but fills up quickly on the weekends.


Blog + News

By: Tyson Gillard | 07.24.14
Waldo Lake is the nation's shining example of an ultraoligotrophic high-mountain lake. Say what? Ultraoligotrophic. Essentially, Waldo Lake has extremely clear and pure waters because its watershed is so small (roughly twice the area of the lake) and clean; the healthy forest delivers relatively few organic materials or nutrients. In fact, the waters of Waldo Lake are so clear it that they set the world-record for depth of visibility at 157 feet...
By: Jared Kennedy | 07.23.14
Wednesday's Word is Netarts - niːtɑrts -- NEE-tarts n: 'n' in 'nigh'  iː: long 'e' in 'seed'  t: 't' in 'tie'  ɑr: 'ar' in 'bard'  t: 't' in 'tie'  s: 's' in 'sigh' Netarts Bay is the bay that is south of Tillamook Bay on the Oregon Coast. On the eastern side of the bay is the town of Netarts. It was originally inhabited by...
By: Tyson Gillard | 07.21.14
Much of the content found on Outdoor Project has been published with the help and hard work of our Contributors. These individuals are experienced photographers, videographers, writers and outdoor adventurers who have elected to share their expertise with us to help make Outdoor Project the best resource for outdoor adventure. In return, they take part in the Contributor Rewards Program and every season (summer and winter) we acknowledge their hard work and...
By: Torrey McConnell | 07.17.14
Starting in July 2013, fellow contributor Andrew Stohner and I embarked on a 10-week “elimination diet” of sorts, completely cutting out gluten, eggs, legumes, most nuts, nightshades, dairy, processed sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Although our diet was restricted, summer adventures flourished. With me training for the Portland Marathon, Andrew planning multiple mountaineering trips, and a 10-day backpacking trip through Idaho scheduled for the end...
By: Jared Kennedy | 07.16.14
Wednesday's Word is Sauvie - so:vi: -- so-vee s: 's' in 'sigh'  oː: 'o' in 'code'  v: 'v' in 'vie'  iː: 'ee' in 'seed' An alternate pronunciation, also commonly heard and referenced by the Sauvie Island Community Association, replaces the 'o' with an 'aw' sound. So when your friend pronounces the island's name differently from you, chances are you're...
By: John Cody | 07.15.14
Wedged between the Monterey Bay and the San Lorenzo Mountains, Santa Cruz offers world-renowned surfing and beaches, urban street life, and beautiful Redwood forests, all within minutes of the city. Short on cash but still want to enjoy the Santa Cruz experience? Here is a list of five free and essential adventures you can check off your Outdoor Project “to do" list this summer. Pogonip Trails If you are new to Santa Cruz and would like to get...
By: Tyson Gillard | 07.14.14
In terms of summer fun, if San Francisco has Lake Tahoe and Seattle has numerous lakes and the Sound, then Portland can lay claim to the virtually countless rivers in the area. Over the past few summers, we've scoured up and down the region's rivers in search of the most relaxing locations for summer recreation, places where you can swim, hike, camp and just hang out with friends. One of our favorites, a place we go back to time-and-again, is the...
By: Jared Kennedy | 07.11.14
We joined Oregon Wild for a trip to Lookout Mountain to the east of Mount Hood. It was the first of three hikes this summer we're partnering with Oregon Wild on, as part of the celebrations commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Jonathan Jelen, Development Director for Oregon Wild, led a group of nine of us to the summit viewpoint and on side trails in the area. Not only was it a spectacular sunny day spent in a true gem of the...
By: Tyson Gillard | 07.10.14
Situated under groves of massive ponderosa pines, with crisp and dry Central Oregon air, 11 incredibly relaxing campgrounds are situated on the upper portion of the Wild + Scenic Metolius River, one of Oregon's most renowned angling rivers for kokanee* and trout, and appropriately one of the regions most popular summer recreation spots. The Metolius River pops out of nowhere... at least apparently.  Unlike most glacially fed rivers in the region...
By: Jared Kennedy | 07.09.14
Wednesday's Word is Nisqually - nɪˈskwɑːli -- nih-SQUAW-lee n: 'n' in 'nigh'  ɪ: 'i' in 'bid'  ˈ: primary stress follows  s: 's' in 'sigh'  k: 'k' in 'kind'  w: 'w' in 'wind'  ɑː: 'a' in 'father'  l: 'l' in 'lie'  i: 'y' in 'happy' Nisqually is the name of a Native American tribe living in...
By: Jared Kennedy | 07.01.14
Today's temperature in Portland is set to reach nearly 100 degrees, and just in time for the Fourth of July. A great way to stay cool is to head to a nearby swimming hole. Keeping to the theme of the fourth, here are four places within a short drive of Portland that we recommend for a hot day. Dougan Falls. Deep pools and cliff jumping opportunities on the Washougal River, 43 miles from Portland. Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site. Big and open...
By: Jared Kennedy | 06.25.14
For those of you who made it out to the Summer Solstice Block Party at Base Camp Brewing on Saturday, it was a great day to kick off the summer. We had a great time getting to meet a lot of people that came to celebrate the best season of the Pacific Northwest for outdoor adventure. Lot's of sun, heat, beer, music, and festivities all day long kept the crowd festive. A raffle with prizes from our sponsors raised money for Oregon Wild and Ascending the...

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Wilson River, Footbridge Day Use Area, Northern Oregon Coast, Outdoor Project
Butte Creek Falls Hike, Oregon, Outdoor Project

Photo Gallery

Popular Swimming Holes + Ocean Beaches

Contributor Race Jones Captures Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge

Shooting at 240 frames/second, Outdoor Project Contributor Race Jones captures one of Oregon's most impressive and important wildlife refuges.

Located just south of Salem, Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge is one of three refuges that make up the Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex. Along with William L. Finley, and Baskett Slough (the other two refuges in the complex), Ankeny NWR was specifically created during the 1960s to restore and create dedicated wintering habitat for the dusky subspecies of Canada geese, which unlike other Canada geese have very limited ranges: the geese call the Copper River Delta in Alaska home during the summer, and they nest in Oregon's Willamette Valley during the winter months.

Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge
Race Jones | 05.29.14

With GoPro, Contributor Heron Marychild Films His Favorite Trails

Outdoor Project's most active Contributor, Heron Marychild of Eugene, hits the trails again, this time with GoPro in hand. Enjoy watching the short films of Heron's favorite trails in and around Eugene, Oregon.

Videos Include:

Contributor Heron Marychild riding the Eagles Rest Trail.
Heron Marychild | 06.23.13