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South Kaibab + Bright Angel Trails, Arizona, Outdoor Project
Monument Creek Campsites, Arizona, Outdoor Project
Hermit Trail, Arizona, Outdoor Project
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, British Columbia, Outdoor Project
Summerland + Panhandle Gap, Washington, Outdoor Project
Hume Lake Campground, California, Outdoor Project
Hume Lake Recreation Area, California, Outdoor Project
Ellen Browning Scripps Park, California, Outdoor Project
Children's Pool, California, Outdoor Project
Mission Trails Regional Park, Visitor Center Loop, California, Outdoor Project
Reflection Canyon, Utah, Outdoor Project
Melakwa Lake + Upper Melakwa Lake , Washington, Outdoor Project
North Lake Campground , California, Outdoor Project
Long Canyon, Utah, Outdoor Project
Taylor Creek Trail, Utah, Outdoor Project
Dead Horse Point State Park Campground, Utah, Outdoor Project
Willow Flat Campground, Utah, Outdoor Project
Giant Forest, California, Outdoor Project
Azalea Campground, California, Outdoor Project
Canyon View Group Campground, California, Outdoor Project
Bodega Head, California, Outdoor Project
Buckeye Hot Springs, California, Outdoor Project

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Mount St. Helens Worm Flows, WA

05.02.15(Trip Date)

Clear skies over low clouds led to a spectacular sunrise from the summit. We were on trail at 2am to beat the crowds, and just managed to catch the sun coming up from the rim of the crater. Snow levels have receded to about 6500'. Snow was icy in the AM higher up the mountain, but we decided to forego use of our crampons as there were plenty of steps in place following boot pack trails.

Low winds, folks at the top were boiling water for tea and an enjoyable summit experience. A group of 5, our group (2), and one solo climber for the sunrise experience... the crowds started to slog in as we descended. I'd recommend an early AM start to beat the crowds. Ascent time was 4 hours from Marble Mountain Sno-Park to summit.

Note: Sign in at the Cougar Cafe is no longer available-- the trip registry is now located at the Marble Mountain Sno-Park. Permit sleeves are also available at this location.


An Abbreviated Flower Finder for Dog Mountain in May

Nice article, excellent photos. Thanks for sharing


Cape Lookout State Park Campground, OR

Core Team
06.19.14(Trip Date)

We camped at site C11. We liked how the picnic area was tucked behind a hedge and offered some privacy. It was a little odd to see the chopped tree. We had amazing bird encounters, including a cedar waxwing.


Smith Rock State Park, OR

Core Team
04.11.15(Trip Date)

Set up in the bivouac campground on a Friday night, where we could hear the cries of eagles feeding their young. Then woke up early for a quick hike. We attended a beautiful wedding at Smith Rock (I had no idea they had a gazebo). It was the most beautiful wedding I'd ever been to.


Cape Lookout State Park, OR

Core Team
10.06.13(Trip Date)

A nice dry day in October, not too cool. Just right for spending time on the beach.


Forest Park, OR

Core Team
08.03.13(Trip Date)

It was a hot summer day so we decided to seek refuge in the shade of Forest Park. We meandered and took our time examining all the great flora.


Castle Crags Dome Hike, CA

Core Team
06.07.13(Trip Date)

It was 108º when we did this hike. We saw a handful of people the whole hike. The springs with granite-filtered water was a lifesaver. It was the best water I have ever tasted, and I don't think it's just because I was so thirsty. The view from the summit was so worth the hike. Amazing rock formations to explore.


Crater Lake National Park, OR

Core Team
06.10.13(Trip Date)

Stopped for a quick visit, just an hour or so. I was amazed by the stillness of the lake. Some snow still lingered, enough to make a mini snowman.


Smith Rock State Park, OR

Core Team
05.26.12(Trip Date)

Stayed for a weekend, had perfect weather. A bit chilly in the evening. Watched some very brave souls jump from a point on Misery Ridge Trail, hanging by rope from a point on Monkey Face. Definitely only for the very experienced, but fun and exhilarating to watch.


Powell Butte Nature Park, OR

Core Team
03.29.13(Trip Date)

We parked at the end of Raymond Street and took Elderberry Trail up to Orchard Loop Trail and then back. Along Elderberry Trail is a small horse pasture, with a friendly horse that came up to the fence to say hi. Loved seeing all of the trillium this time of year, and also spotted some scarlet elf cup! Great hike for sure.


A Visual Journey Through Olympic National Park

Elite Contributor

Awesome video - definitely makes me want to get to the OP this summer


Easy Escapes: 2 Days in Marin

04.05.14(Trip Date)

LOVE this post :) Those are all of my favorite areas!! That light house is so gorgeous. Last time we were @Point Reyes lighthouse there was a board listing that 09 whales has passed the last couple of weeks migrating to Baja to breed! I didn't even know you could hike around there and must do Chimney Rock next time! It was quite windy when we were there so we had our patagonia's on. People should also check out Marshall and the oyster farms in the area like Hog Island Oyster Co.


Blog + News

By: Barry Maletzky | 04.30.15
There exists no finer month than May to sample the floral glories on the various legs of the Dog Mountain. While it would take many pages to describe the more than 50 species of wildflowers present alongside these trails, perhaps you might be interested in brief descriptions of some of the more prominent species inhabiting these slopes. I will describe my favorite routes on Dog – up the steeper west-side trail, then down the gentler east-side loop....
By: Dave Collins | 04.27.15
This is the fifth video in CleverHiker's Essential Trail Skills video series. This series is designed to teach backpackers of all levels the most important skills for the backcountry. We cover everything from planning your first trip and packing a lightweight bag, to fording swift rivers and performing an ice axe self-arrest. It's all here, so follow along and take a step towards becoming a wilderness expert. For those of you that prefer to learn by...
By: Rini Sugianto | 04.24.15
While it's true that most national and California State Parks do not allow dogs on trails, there are still plenty of of scenic on and off-leash options around San Francisco well suited for strolls, hikes and trail runs with your canine companion. Each of these destinations are dog friendly, but please check the regulations and adhere to the leash laws of each individual area. Sutro Forest + Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve Dogs are permitted...
By: Aron Bosworth | 04.22.15
One of my favorite things about living in San Francisco is how easy it is to spend time outside. With minimal planning and a short drive, there are countless places to explore in a day or even to camp over a weekend. Heading across the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin is a simple go-to that my wife, friends, and I do for a quick getaway from town. I especially enjoy the area in early spring before heavy fog sets in later in May; the grass is still green and...
By: Aron Bosworth | 04.21.15
Today we're raising our glass in honor of John Muir, who was born on today's date in 1838. Originally from Scotland, Muir's family moved to America when he was just 11 years old. An innately inventive and nature-inspired man, he eventually built a cabin in Yosemite Valley after a stint of getting to know the Sierra as a sheep herder, and he made the extraordinary place his home. Muir dedicated his life to understanding and conserving...
By: Kat Dierickx | 04.21.15
Tide pooling is a great activity to get kids outside and keep them entertained. There are enough brightly-colored, spiny-skinned, stinky sea creatures that call the coastline home to fascinate the kid in all of us. Winter is the optimal time to go tide pooling. It is when the biggest minus tides occur, revealing parts of the intertidal region that are usually under water. The tide pools listed below, however, are prime for your enjoyment year round....
By: Kat Dierickx | 04.20.15
In order create this beautiful video, brothers Will and Jim Pattiz, from More Than Just Parks (MTJP), spent just over a month backpacking through Olympic National Park. MTJP's goal is to create a greater awareness of the treasures that reside within America's National Parks by sharing stunning videos and photography. This is the pilot video in their series, and Olympic National Park was chosen as their first destination due to the...
By: Kat Dierickx | 04.17.15
On August 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the act creating the National Park Service. The “Organic Act” states that the fundamental purpose of the NPS “is to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.”...
By: Reed Youngbar | 04.16.15
What’s the old saying...when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? That's the phrase that comes to mind when I think about the last two winters in California. Each year I look forward to carving out some time to schedule backcountry trips with my ski partner, Aron. We typically aim for late winter/early spring, as this transition period offers longer days, generally moderate snow pack, and often stable conditions: the perfect recipe for a good...
By: Halvor Tweto | 04.15.15
Last week we took a look at some incredible ways to experience Olympic National Park when circumstances call for a more family-friendly itinerary. But where would you go if you were looking to lace up your boots and hoist up your pack for a longer walk? Olympic National Park is a backpacker's paradise, offering a variety of mind-blowing terrain that is totally unique. To kick-start your research, we propose looking at these fantastic extremes: a hike along...
By: Dave Collins | 04.14.15
This is the fourth video in CleverHiker's Essential Trail Skills video series. This series is designed to teach backpackers of all levels the most important skills for the backcountry. We cover everything from planning your first trip and packing a lightweight bag, to fording swift rivers and performing an ice axe self-arrest. It's all here, so follow along and take a step towards becoming a wilderness expert. For those of you that prefer to learn by...
By: Kat Dierickx | 04.10.15
Mount Hood is near and dear to all those who live nearby or simply come for a visit. It is a beautiful mountain, you can't argue with that. Pro Photo Supply and Willamette Week are celebrating Mount Hood and giving one lucky photographer a chance to have their photo featured in Willamette Week's New Outdoor Guide hitting the stands on May 27th.  These are a few of our favorite views of Mount Hood in case you needed some inspiration to get out...

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A Winter Odyssey on the Oregon Coast

Weather on the Oregon Coast may not always be sunshine and rainbows, but no matter what time of year you visit, it will be beautiful. The video above, shared by our friends at Uncage the Soul, is a gorgeous introduction to some of Oregon's 363 miles of coastline.

Sights Unseen: 5 Overlooked Hikes on the Northern Oregon Coast

There is no shortage of incredible beauty along the northern Oregon Coast, and finding an adventure for a day or several is a blissfully easy task. There can be days, however, when it seems as if everyone got the same memo: there is nothing like showing up primed for an adventure and realizing you may not even find a parking space. While we don't want to sound grumpy, enjoying a few miles of solitude in this region can be a real treat. With this in mind, we've assembled a list of adventures in the northern Oregon Coast that don't get the pressure some more well-known spots receive. 

48 Hours on the Central Oregon Coast

This itinerary is just a sample of a few things to do with a quick weekend traveling north along the central Oregon Coast. Even this stripped down itinerary is ambitious, so make substitutions according to weather, traveler temperament, and time constraints. Just don't let yourself rush through these wonderful places. It is better to spend the time to thoroughly enjoy these spots; if you run short of time, you'll just have to come back for more! 

5 Reasons to Make the Trip to the Southern Oregon Coast

This portion of the Oregon Coast is blessed with some of the most temperate (albeit mercurial) weather in the state, and the distances from major cities usually translate into a little less traffic, especially in the off-seasons. If majestic views, unreal rock formations, exclusive wildlife and habitat access, and broad, sandy beaches pique your interests even a little bit, do yourself a favor and plan to spend some time on the southern Oregon Coast.