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Pickett Butte Fire Lookout, OR

Sponsored Contributor
02.21.15(Trip Date)

I would highly recommend that everyone stay overnight in a historic lookout tower whether it be at Pickett Butte or elsewhere in the Northwest. It is an experience that is unique and unforgettable. You’ll find both solitude and comfort perched on top of the hills.
The area surrounding Pickett Butte is heavily logged. There are not many (or any?) trails that can be accessed directly from the lookout tower. However, there are many logging roads some of which are abandoned and can make for a good place to hike and see the area. Find a good map and a compass and make your own adventure!


Mirror Lake + Tom Dick and Harry Mountain, OR

Giving Member
02.21.15(Trip Date)

No snow, amazing views on a clear day, wind kicked up quite a bit at night.


Limekiln State Park, CA

11.01.14(Trip Date)

We visited Lime Kiln State Park while camping at Kirk Creek nearby. I agree with the Aron that this is a wonderful gem of a park. The beach is spectacular and the creeks are filled with little cascades that are a joy to photograph. The surrounding terrain is so dry and scrubby that the park is a complete surprise for its lushness and green beauty. It also show how quickly Coast Redwoods can grow, as this forest was essentially cut to the ground about 100 years ago and now it is filled with very large trees. I would add that the campground is appropriate for tent campers and truck campers only, trailers and large RVs would have trouble navigating the roads.


Bridal Veil Falls, OR

Core Team
02.15.15(Trip Date)

Bridal Veil Falls was adventure #38 published on Outdoor Project, and can I just say that its been great being able to go back to the adventures that we originally documented in 2012. What?!?


McNeil Point, Mt. Hood, OR

Pro Member
02.22.15(Trip Date)

This was a beautiful hike! We took Top Spur TH to timberline trail #600. We got all the way to the pond area which was covered with hard snow. At this point there was to much to continue up the ridge, so fellow hikers come prepared with proper snow shoes.


McKenzie River Trail, OR

11.23.14(Trip Date)

Great and easily accessible hike. Wander on a trail that starts with pine needle trails along a river, and follow the river through old basalt flows-- culminating in the pure blue water at the iconic pool.

The area is a great place to enjoy the mossy wet Oregon beauty on mild fall/winter days... I'm sure the summer days are just that much more enjoyable!


Mount St. Helens Worm Flows, WA

01.03.15(Trip Date)

Great way to start the new year! Trail had plenty of boot pack and was clear and easy to follow. We opted to put the crampons on a little earlier than I would have thought, but it was easy going once we had them. Lots of good crunchy ice towards the summit-- not ideal for skiing, but great for walking. Our summit views put us between high clouds and the low inversion, which made for some great photos.

If you get a chance-- go before the permit season starts after Mother's Day!


Muddy Fork, OR

02.21.15(Trip Date)

Beautiful hike just below the snow line. Waterfalls at Muddy Fork were frozen and beautiful as the sun came over the ridge. This is a great easy hiking option this time of year to get beautiful views of Hood while putting in minimal elevation gain.

There was a light glazing of ice over many of the boulders in the river bed hiking up to the Muddy Fork falls. Use caution putting weight on the boulders while crossing the water.


Falls Creek Falls, WA

Pro Member
02.14.15(Trip Date)

Words cannot describe how amazing this place is. Well worth the hike!


Kentucky Falls, OR

Core Team

Thanks for the update, Johnathan! I've added a warning to the alert section regarding route changes.


Pogonip Trails, CA

Elite Contributor
02.17.15(Trip Date)

While hiking to the Lost Boys House, a few coyote sightings along the way. Apparently people have been feeding them and they are becoming more aggressive!


Kentucky Falls, OR

Pro Member
02.16.15(Trip Date)

Logging has changed the roads a bit, to get there it's now a bit convoluted:

Heading from Eugene - Take Hwy 126 and turn left about 6 miles past Walton, following the sign to the Whitaker Creek Rec Area. Head about 1.5 miles in and follow the road to the right, across the river. There is a sign here that also says Whitaker Creek Rec Area. Follow this road for another 1.5 miles and take the left fork, onto Dunn Ridge Road.

This is where the changes have happened. You follow this road for about 5 miles and you come to a branch, where the road looks like it curves to the left but also has a gravel turn to the right. Stay to the left, this is not the fork to take. Another 2 miles will bring you to a paved road, this is where you take the right turn.

Stay on this road for a couple miles, you'll see where it turns into FR #23. From here, just follow the main gravel road. There are several off shoots, all look like barely packed dirt. These are logging roads and not the right roads. This road will loop around the ridge and come to a three-way fork, take the right fork and continue on. Stay right, and you'll eventually come to the parking lot for the trailhead.

Keep going, I felt like I was lost but I randomly was able to get a phone signal on a ridge and GPS coordinates confirmed I was just a few switchbacks away.


Blog + News

By: Halvor Tweto | 02.27.15
Okay, if you've seen our posts on the northern Oregon Coast and the central Oregon Coast, you probably won't be surprised to discover that there is a TON of stuff to do in the southern Oregon Coast as well. True to form, there are way more than five reasons to make the drive to some of the most remote stretches of coastline in the state. It may be more apt to consider these suggestions for five great places to stop once you're there; at each stop...
By: Halvor Tweto | 02.25.15
No tour of the Oregon Coast would be complete without a little time spent in the heart of the region. The section of coastline between Newport to the north and Coos Bay to the south has some of the state's most interesting and dynamic scenic areas. The area is also enormously rich in history, as the rivers in this region played huge roles in the economic and cultural development. A person could easily spend a week getting to know the dunes, beaches,...
By: Kat Dierickx | 02.24.15
Photo of the Year is an annual amateur photo contest 13 years in the making. Since the its inception in 2002, the amateur photo contest has raised more than $100,000 for Outdoor Project partner Friends of Outdoor School, working to ensure Oregon school kids can attend at least one full week of outdoor school education. For many students, it's their first time sleeping in a cabin or spending time in the woods. This year saw hundreds of amazing entries...
By: Jared Kennedy | 02.23.15
Recent news stories and headlines to catch from the great outdoors. National Parks Saw a Record Number of Visitors Last Year In 2014 there were 292.8 million visits to national parks. This broke the previous record, set in 1987, when parks saw just over 287 million visits. It also represented a seven percent increase over 2013. Oregon Chub is the First Fish to Leave the Endangered Species List Alive The Oregon Chub, a small minnow that lives...
By: Halvor Tweto | 02.23.15
There is no shortage of incredible beauty along the northern Oregon Coast, and finding an adventure for a day or several is a blissfully easy task. There can be days, however, when it seems as if everyone got the same memo: there is nothing like showing up primed for an adventure and realizing you may not even find a parking space. While we don't want to sound grumpy, enjoying a few miles of solitude in this region can be a real treat. With this in mind,...
By: Jared Kennedy | 02.20.15
A railroad line once connected the towns of Enterprise and Joseph in Eastern Oregon's Wallowa Mountains. Trains no longer run the rail line, but a creative bike enthusiast, Kim Metlen, has found a way to put the tracks to good use. He started what is called railriding; it uses a bike-like contraption to pedal the 6 miles of rail. The best part is that he organizes weekend trips for visitors to railride the old tracks. Wildlife and incredible views abound...
By: Kat Dierickx | 02.19.15
Weather on the Oregon Coast may not always be sunshine and rainbows, but no matter what time of year you visit, it will be beautiful. The video above, shared by our friends at Uncage the Soul, is a gorgeous introduction to some of Oregon's 363 miles of coastline. Here's a closer look at a few of the key locations from the video. Ecola State Park Photo by Tyson Gillard. A day at Ecola State Park starts with a drive down a winding road...
By: Zach Urness | 02.19.15
It's not easy to stick out at Dutchman Flat Sno-Park. The access point into the Cascade Mountains west of Bend brings out the tools for every style of winter recreation, including skis, snowshoes, snowmobiles and even sled dogs. But more than a few people took notice when my co-worker, David Davis, and I arrived a few weeks ago, popped the trunk, and took out a pair of ... bicycles? These were no ordinary bikes. Outfitted with tires massive enough to...
By: Tyson Gillard | 02.17.15
Oregon Highway 224, the access road to all adventures off of the Clackamas River, is indefinitely closed from mile marker 31 through mile marker 38 due to large landslides. Extensive wildfires in the summer of 2014 destabilized soil, which has contributed to the slides this winter. The highway likely won't reopen until late spring or summer 2015. Visit Oregon Department of Transportation's posting to LEARN MORE.
By: Jared Kennedy | 02.16.15
Summit at Snoqualmie Temporarily Closes for Lack of Snow The ski resort Summit at Snoqualmie in Washington called it quits on their season last week, at least for now. Unless snow and freezing temperatures return, the four lifts at the resort will no longer be run. With warm temperatures and almost no snow, efforts to keep even one of the four lifts open proved to challenging for the resort's operator. New Levee Program Reduces Flooding Risks...
By: Kat Dierickx | 02.13.15
This year, with Friday the 13th, Presidents’ Day Weekend and Valentine’s Day all happening at the same time, we're giving away FREE Pro Membership to new users who register on the site from Friday, February 13 through Monday, February 16. Already a member? Add a COMMENT or PHOTO from one of your recent trips to any adventure and we'll upgrade your membership by Monday evening. Sign Up Today!
By: Jared Kennedy | 02.13.15
Before the Columbia River Gorge was a National Scenic Area, it was just another beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest carved up by numerous competing interests. Small towns survived on the throughput of their local wood mills, tribes held claim to salmon fishing, and until the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s, the western end of Interstate 84 didn't exist. For many people, President Regan's iconic passage of the 1986 bill that placed a hold on...

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A Winter Odyssey on the Oregon Coast

Weather on the Oregon Coast may not always be sunshine and rainbows, but no matter what time of year you visit, it will be beautiful. The video above, shared by our friends at Uncage the Soul, is a gorgeous introduction to some of Oregon's 363 miles of coastline.

Sights Unseen: 5 Overlooked Hikes on the Northern Oregon Coast

There is no shortage of incredible beauty along the northern Oregon Coast, and finding an adventure for a day or several is a blissfully easy task. There can be days, however, when it seems as if everyone got the same memo: there is nothing like showing up primed for an adventure and realizing you may not even find a parking space. While we don't want to sound grumpy, enjoying a few miles of solitude in this region can be a real treat. With this in mind, we've assembled a list of adventures in the northern Oregon Coast that don't get the pressure some more well-known spots receive. 

48 Hours on the Central Oregon Coast

This itinerary is just a sample of a few things to do with a quick weekend traveling north along the central Oregon Coast. Even this stripped down itinerary is ambitious, so make substitutions according to weather, traveler temperament, and time constraints. Just don't let yourself rush through these wonderful places. It is better to spend the time to thoroughly enjoy these spots; if you run short of time, you'll just have to come back for more! 

5 Reasons to Make the Trip to the Southern Oregon Coast

This portion of the Oregon Coast is blessed with some of the most temperate (albeit mercurial) weather in the state, and the distances from major cities usually translate into a little less traffic, especially in the off-seasons. If majestic views, unreal rock formations, exclusive wildlife and habitat access, and broad, sandy beaches pique your interests even a little bit, do yourself a favor and plan to spend some time on the southern Oregon Coast. - See more at: