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New Comments + Trip Reports

McKenzie River Trail, OR


I arrived to this area fom Bend in the afternoon, parked at Belknap as well advised, and tried to hitch to the start of the trail. It was the afternoon so I wasn't having much luck, so I went back to Belknap and they hooked me up with an adjacent shuttle crew that took me to the top.

The trail option suggested by the team here is highly recommended. I elected to start at the top and a mile or so you have a choice between the actual trail to the left and the lake trail to the right. At the advice of the driver I took the lake loop which is a mile longer but cruiser flat trails and the opposite is technical lava fields, which you will experience below don't worry.

This trail was not at all what I expected. I'm from CA and a shuttle run is an epic downhill. This trail is cross country all the way. There are sections involving lava rocks that are very techinical; if you are not an experienced rider I recommend walking these sections. I went over the bars a few times on this ride.

Ending at Belknap was the way to go. Their "hot springs" are pools heated by the local springs so don't expect anything great but the bacon cheeseburger makes up the difference. The camp sites to the north of the trail are secluded and near a lake and really nice. Enjoy and ride safe!


Naked Falls, WA

08.26.14(Trip Date)

Once you turn onto Washugal River road, it's 17 miles to Duggan Falls and Naked Falls us just a couple miles up the dirt road.

Wear shoes.. The walk down is dusty and hence slippery and sleep.


Cascadia State Park Swimming Hole, OR

Core Team

Thank you Rebecca for the history and photos of this great place to visit. We're currently working on an entry for the park area in more detail (beyond the swimming hole) and this is very helpful. Much appreciated!


Cascadia State Park Swimming Hole, OR

08.14.14(Trip Date)

Cascadia is a great state park with activities for people of every age. There are short hikes: on leads to a waterfall and another goes along the river with many forks and places to explore. There are great swimming holes all along the river (unfortunately not wheelchair accessible :( ) and many access points. Also found another waterfall hidden close to the most popular swimming hole. Not only that but the park has a very interesting history that we learned about from a park host talk being a native american living area from as long as 12000 years ago. (Many secrets to unlock at Cascadia if you only know where to look.) The park also has a interesting more recent history of having a natural soda spring which became very popular and the site once held a hotel and a 80 horse barn and even a bottling company until the great depression. The state eventually bought the land and the commissioner of Oregon wanted to bring it back to its natural state. The only evidence of the soda spring is a pump and small area where people drank from it. Campground is clean and well maintained some very large pull through spots and other smaller, slightly secluded spots along the creek or among the trees. Great open area for star gazing where the Elk migrate every year. Park is only open during the summer season.


McNeil Point, Mt. Hood, OR

Pro Member
08.17.14(Trip Date)

Great hike to experience the incredible west side views of Mt Hood! The wildflowers were still in bloom and plenty of wildlife around. If your not into flies accompanying you the whole way this may not be your hike. Thanks Mary Ann for the photo tip of the path to cut back to the Timberline trail. Hit up the Skyway restaurant when your done with the hike for some BBQ and a beer (take a left when you come off E Lolo Pass Rd onto 26 and its a half mile down on your left).


Rooster Rock Hike, OR

Core Team
08.03.14(Trip Date)

Outdoor Project partnered up with Oregon Wild to add this adventure to the website. Oregon Wild regularly organizes hikes in wilderness areas. As part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, Outdoor Project was invited along. Chandra Legue led us and a group of hikers up the trail. It was a great day and a hike with an Oregon Wild naturalist always means you learn some wonderful and memorable things along the way. Check out some photos from the group.


Tolmie Peak Hike, WA

Core Team

Jeremiah, Thanks! You're definitely right that they are seed pods, but avalanche lillys bloom much earlier, or immediately after snow has melted anyway. A difficult one.


Chinidere Mountain and Wahtum Lake, OR

Core Team
08.16.14(Trip Date)

The campsites along the lake were still open Friday night, while the official campground was very full. I'd definitely recommend hiking down to the lake for a less crowded and more enjoyable camping experience. This is a beautiful place. I'll plan to come back again.


Tolmie Peak Hike, WA


I'm not 100%, but those might be avalanche lilly seed pods or pre-bloom flowers.


Moraine Lake, OR

07.05.14(Trip Date)

I was surprised (pleasantly) to see so much snow at the lake after the amount of hot weather we had been having. The snow made the trail especially difficult to follow but it was navigable.


Mount Rainier, Disappointment Cleaver, WA

07.20.14(Trip Date)

Disappointment Cleaver Route


Waldo Lake, Islet Campground, OR

08.08.14(Trip Date)

Spent three days here last weekend and it was fantastic. The lake is spectacular, perfect for kayaking and water play. Campsites are large, separated and very well-maintained. Ours (#49) backed up to the water.


Blog + News

By: Outdoor Project | 09.01.14
Quick newsworthy stories and links from the great outdoors over the past week. Wilderness Act Celebrates Fifty Years This Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Wilderness Act. In this short article, National Geographic Magazine makes a compelling case why the Wilderness Act is as important today as it was 50 years ago. Washington Seeking to Add 126,000 Acres of Wilderness to Olympic National Forest Lawmakers in Washington State...
By: Jared Kennedy | 08.27.14
Wednesday's Word is Klickitat - klɪkɪtæt -- KLIH-kih-tat k: 'k' in 'sky'  l: 'l' in 'lie'  ɪ: 'i' in 'lid'  k: 'k' in 'sky'  ɪ: 'i' in 'lid'  t: 't' in 'tie'  æ: 'a' in 'pad'  t:'t' in 'tie' The Klickitat moniker is given to a prominent river and county in Washington State, borrowed...
By: Tyson Gillard | 08.26.14
Muddy Fork One of the most dramatic hikes (5.4 miles round trip) under the shadow of Oregon’s tallest peak, the hike/scramble up the Muddy Fork of the Sandy River won’t leave you disappointed. Depart from the Top Spur Trailhead (same as for McNeil Point), but instead make your way to the base of the Sandy Glacier where abundant wildlife hangs out and water cascades from every precipice. Lake Serene This popular lake outside of Washington...
By: Outdoor Project | 08.25.14
Quick newsworthy notes and links from the great outdoors over the past week.  Free Admission to National Parks Today (8/25) to Celebrate Service's Birthday If you have a chance to head to a National Park today, all entry fees are waived in celebration of the Park Service's 98th Birthday. It is one of nine days each year to go for free. The next one on the calendar is for National Public Lands Day on September 27. Oregon Denies Permit...
By: Outdoor Project | 08.22.14
Outdoor Project is excited to announce our recent partnership with Hungry Hikers! Hungry Hikers, the makers of the “One Pot Wonder” freeze-dried gourmet adventure food, is an exciting new company based in Portland, Oregon, that supplies unparalleled, delicious, and hearty meals to outdoor enthusiasts. They have researched, developed, and now manufacture innovative and savory meals that have been tried and tested in a variety of climates, altitudes...
By: Jared Kennedy | 08.20.14
Wednesday's Word is Tumalo - təməloʊ -- TUHM-uh-loh t: 't' in 'tie'  ə: 'u' in 'syrup'  m: 'm' in 'my'  ə: 'u' in 'syrup'  l: 'l' in 'lie'  oʊ: long 'o' in 'code' Tumalo is the name bestowed on a mountain, creek, waterfall, and small Oregon town between Bend and Sisters. The name is from the Klamath language. It's derived from one...
By: Outdoor Project | 08.18.14
Quick newsworthy notes and links from the great outdoors over the past week. Tragedy on Ramona Falls Trail: One Hiker Killed and 23 Others Rescued in Flash Flood On Tuesday, August 12, a flash flood wiped out the seasonal bridge over the Sandy River on the trail to Ramona Falls. One hiker was killed in the washout. The flood stranded 23 other hikers that were rescued later that using inflatable rafts. The seasonal bridge is replaced every spring and is...
By: Tyson Gillard | 08.14.14
When it comes to exploring the Cascade Range, it doesn't get much better than these 5 day hikes within Mount Rainier National Park: Burroughs Mountain Trail Location: NE side of Mount Rainier at Sunrise Distance: 6.3 miles Elevation Gain: 1,000 feet From Sunrise you’ll depart toward massive Tahoma, with the imposing Willis Wall constantly in front of you and Emmons Glacier (Mount Rainier’s largest) at your side. The ascent to the...
By: Jared Kennedy | 08.13.14
Wednesday's Word is Santiam - sæntiːˈæm -- san-tee-AM s: 's' in 'sigh'  æː: short 'a' in 'bad'  n: 'n' in 'nigh'  t: 't' in 'tie'  iː: long 'e' in 'seed'  ˈ: primary stress follows  æː: short 'a' in 'bad'  m: 'm' in 'my' The Santiam River and its three tributaries were named after...
By: Outdoor Project | 08.12.14
If hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is on your bucket list, or if you want to share in the love of backpacking, come to Pacific Crest Trail Days. It happens the weekend of September 5-7 in Cascade Locks, Oregon, the very spot where the PCT crosses the Columbia River. Come for the day or stay the full weekend and camp out on Thunder Island. Outdoor Project will be there all weekend sharing our love of the Pacific Crest Trail. We'll have information on hikes...
By: Jared Kennedy | 08.11.14
Oregon Wildlife Officials Suspect Spread of Elk Hoof Disease OPB's Earthfix reports that hoof samples provided by hunters to veterinarians with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife show signs of hoof deformities. Elk herds in Southwest Washington have carried the disease for a while, and the transmission into Oregon was not unexpected. The ultimate cause of the deformities is unknown, but officials suspect it may be caused by a bacteria similar...
By: Jared Kennedy | 08.06.14
Wednesday's Word is Tuolumne - tuːˈɒləmiː -- too-AW-luh-mee t: 't' in 'tie'  uː: long 'oo' in 'food'  ˈ: primary stress follows  ɒ: short 'o' in 'body'  l: 'l' in 'lie'  ə: 'u' in 'syrup'  m: 'm' in 'my'  iː: long 'e' in 'seed'  From Native American origin, the word Tuolumne has a few meanings...

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Photo Gallery

Popular Swimming Holes + Ocean Beaches

Contributor Race Jones Captures Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge

Shooting at 240 frames/second, Outdoor Project Contributor Race Jones captures one of Oregon's most impressive and important wildlife refuges.

Located just south of Salem, Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge is one of three refuges that make up the Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex. Along with William L. Finley, and Baskett Slough (the other two refuges in the complex), Ankeny NWR was specifically created during the 1960s to restore and create dedicated wintering habitat for the dusky subspecies of Canada geese, which unlike other Canada geese have very limited ranges: the geese call the Copper River Delta in Alaska home during the summer, and they nest in Oregon's Willamette Valley during the winter months.

Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge
Race Jones | 05.29.14

With GoPro, Contributor Heron Marychild Films His Favorite Trails

Outdoor Project's most active Contributor, Heron Marychild of Eugene, hits the trails again, this time with GoPro in hand. Enjoy watching the short films of Heron's favorite trails in and around Eugene, Oregon.

Videos Include:

Contributor Heron Marychild riding the Eagles Rest Trail.
Heron Marychild | 06.23.13