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New Adventures

Independence Trail, California, Outdoor Project
Kirkland Marina Park, Washington, Outdoor Project
O. O. Denny Park, Washington, Outdoor Project
Juanita Bay Park, Washington, Outdoor Project
Juanita Beach Park, Washington, Outdoor Project
Lake Tahoe, Rubicon Point to Pope Beach, California, Outdoor Project
Maple Pass Loop, Washington, Outdoor Project
Bear Point, Oregon, Outdoor Project
Newhalem Creek Campground, Washington, Outdoor Project
Lake Ann, Washington, Outdoor Project
Blake Island State Park, Washington, Outdoor Project
Clark Island, Washington, Outdoor Project
Yosemite Falls, California, Outdoor Project
Oregon Creek Day Use Area, California, Outdoor Project
Bear Lakes Loop via Round Lake, California, Outdoor Project
Highway 49 Crossing, California, Outdoor Project
Mount Whitney , Mountaineers Route, California, Outdoor Project
Colonial Creek Campground, Washington, Outdoor Project
Thunder Knob, Washington, Outdoor Project
North Umpqua Trail, Lemelo Segment, Oregon, Outdoor Project
North Umpqua Trail, Dread and Terror Segment, Oregon, Outdoor Project
San Luis Creek Campground, California, Outdoor Project
Puget Sound, Golden Gardens to West Point Lighthouse, Washington, Outdoor Project
Snow Lake Trail, Washington, Outdoor Project

New Comments + Trip Reports

Ecola State Park, OR

Core Team
07.04.14(Trip Date)

Had a great time watching some surfers this weekend.


Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, WA

Core Team
09.28.14(Trip Date)

Headed out to the Carty Unit with the family and had the pleasure of seeing 7 great egrets interact with a great blue heron.


Muddy Fork, OR

09.14.14(Trip Date)

Absolutely beautiful hike.


Neahkahnie Mountain Hike, OR

Lifetime Member
09.14.14(Trip Date)

Absolutely stunning day. The trail was not crowded at all (surprisingly) and we had lots of bird company, singing and chattering along with us. The vegetation was very dry; I think everything is ready for a good rain.

Overall, it was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon while taking advantage of this late summer temps.


Waldo Lake, Islet Campground, OR

Elite Contributor
09.13.14(Trip Date)

Great sunset view from here and there are nice, large campgrounds


Waldo Lake, OR

Elite Contributor
09.13.14(Trip Date)

Waldo Lake was great in mid-September...clam water, warm weather and no bugs


Burnt Lake and Zigzag Mountain, OR

Lifetime Member
09.07.14(Trip Date)

Got to the trailhead by 11am on Sunday, 9/7. Weather was great - a bit hazy, but perfectly cool temps in the forest and warm at the top of the ridge. It was warm enough for a jump in Burnt Lake. When we stopped along the ridge line to eat, a flock of Perisoreus canadensis or "Gray Jays" gathered and kept us company.

The road to the trailhead is full of good sized potholes. We drove our Prius out and had some nice scrapes on the bottom, but no damage to the car! Just drive slowly and you'll navigate them easily.


Naked Falls, WA

Core Team

Thanks Mary Ann! We've revised and corrected the directions. Using Salmon Falls Road from WA-14, the drive on Washougal Road should be approximately 5.7 miles.


Deception Butte Trail, OR

Elite Contributor
09.09.14(Trip Date)

This trail is closed due to fire. The Deception Creek fire has burned over nearly the entire length of the trail. I is hard to say when the trail will re-open. Even after the fire goes out this fall, there will likely be extensive damage to the trail that will need to be repaired before it is passable. Check with the Middle Fork Ranger Station before attempting this hike.


North Umpqua Hot Springs, OR

Elite Contributor
08.24.14(Trip Date)

Stopped by while mountain biking in the area. I have been coming here for nearly 20 years and have never seen it so crowded with unsavory characters. Open drug use, people asking me for beer, and unleashed dogs fighting in the parking lot made the experience untenable. Avoid these hot springs in the summer and on weekends, it looks like they have finally become too well known among the young vagabond/dirtbag crowd. Such a shame.


Bald Butte, OR

Giving Member
09.06.14(Trip Date)

Hot sun, great views of Mt. Hood and Hood River farmland. Nice shade in the beginning and middle. Hikers that past us later claimed to have seen a mommy bear and cub, but everyone escaped fine and we didn't encounter the pair. Some nice mt bikers having fun. Great switchbacks for those who like to climb. Only a few other people the whole time. First time, but won't be the last;)


Elkhorn Crest Trail, OR


Looks awesome, great pics.


Blog + News

By: Jared Kennedy | 09.29.14
The news never stops, even in the outdoors. Here are some good reads and very newsworthy issues from last week. Feds Seeking to Restrict All Filming and Most Photography from Wilderness Areas A federal directive aimed at tightening the restrictions on film and photography in areas designated as wilderness is generating a lot of controversy. News sources along with all commercial enterprises may be banned from taking photos and subject to fines. The...
By: Jared Kennedy | 09.22.14
Summer may officially be over, but the weather is still warm and there is always news happening that impacts the outdoors. Here are some headlines from last week's stories worth reading. Before and After Photos of California's Drought California's drought has taken a toll. Here is a visual display of the stark difference in water levels in the many lakes and reservoirs impacted by the lack of rain. Unusual Fish Visiting Alaskan Waters are...
By: Outdoor Project | 09.19.14
Tilly Jane A-Frame Work Party – Saturday, October 4, 10 a.m. Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 4, and join us in preparing the Tilly Jane A-Frame for winter use. We’ll be hauling and stacking the annual firewood supply and performing general cabin maintenance! Corral your family and friends, and do the right thing. This is your opportunity to give back and to help make sure the cabin remains open. No firewood = Cabin closure! Only...
By: Halvor Tweto | 09.18.14
On a north-oriented map, the Nestucca (pronounced neh-STUH-ca) Bay estuary resembles nothing so much as a set of lungs. Keep Cape Kiwanda above and north and Cascade Head below to the south, and in the middle you have twin bays separated by a peninsula known as Cannery Hill. Naturally, these bays breathe water: the main Nestucca flows down from the north and enters the bay in an esophageal position, the Little Nestucca enters the east bay from the southeast...
By: Jared Kennedy | 09.17.14
Wednesday's Word is Yachats​ - jɑːhɑːts -- YAH-hahts j: 'y' in 'yes'  ɑː: 'a' in 'father'  h: 'h' in 'hi'  ɑː: 'a' in 'father'  t: 't' in 'tie'  s: 's' in 'sigh' The town of Yachats, Oregon, along Oregon's coast, has been inhabited for over 1,500 years. It was one of many permanent villages used by the Alsea Tribe, which migrated...
By: Outdoor Project | 09.15.14
Fresh news updates from the great outdoors.  Ash Cloud on Mount St. Helens Causes Temporary Eruption Concerns High winds caused a billowing cloud of ash on Mount St. Helens on Thursday. Climbers and a passing aircraft reported the cloud and caused a temporary concern that the volcano had become active. Salem's Statesman Journal reporter Zach Urness, who was climbing the mountain at the time, reported on Thursday's event in the paper....
By: Jared Kennedy | 09.10.14
Wednesday's Word is Tamalpais - tæməlˈpaɪ.ɨs -- ta-muhl-PIE-es t:'t' in 'tie'  æ: 'a' in 'pad'  m: 'm' in 'my'  əl: 'le' in 'bottle'  ˈ: primary stress follows  p: 'p' in 'pie'  aɪ: long 'i' in 'bide'  .: syllable break  ɨ: 'e' in 'roses'  s: 's' in 'sigh' Mount Tamalpais...
By: Outdoor Project | 09.08.14
30 Years Later, Advocates are Still Trying to Protect the Devil's Staircase Wilderness on the Oregon Coast For 30 years environmentalists have been working to protect the Devils Staircase area, a 30,000-acre old-growth ecosystem in Oregon's Central Coast Range. The area is incredibly remote, has no trails through it, and provides habitat for spotted owls and coho salmon. In its midst is the Devils Staircase waterfall. Many once considered its...
By: Jared Kennedy | 09.03.14
How I wish I had a photo of wilderness as a child so this piece's title made more sense. But in thinking about wilderness, that's one of the things that makes it so wonderful. Even at 50, it still looks as young and wild, unspoiled one might say, if not even more so, than it did in its adolescence. It was fifty years ago today that President Johnson signed the Congress-approved Wilderness Act into law. With a pen swipe, 9.1 million acres of public...
By: Outdoor Project | 09.01.14
Quick newsworthy stories and links from the great outdoors over the past week. Wilderness Act Celebrates Fifty Years This Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Wilderness Act. In this short article, National Geographic Magazine makes a compelling case why the Wilderness Act is as important today as it was 50 years ago. Washington Seeking to Add 126,000 Acres of Wilderness to Olympic National Forest Lawmakers in Washington State...
By: Jared Kennedy | 08.27.14
Wednesday's Word is Klickitat - klɪkɪtæt -- KLIH-kih-tat k: 'k' in 'sky'  l: 'l' in 'lie'  ɪ: 'i' in 'lid'  k: 'k' in 'sky'  ɪ: 'i' in 'lid'  t: 't' in 'tie'  æ: 'a' in 'pad'  t:'t' in 'tie' The Klickitat moniker is given to a prominent river and county in Washington State, borrowed...
By: Tyson Gillard | 08.26.14
Muddy Fork One of the most dramatic hikes (5.4 miles round trip) under the shadow of Oregon’s tallest peak, the hike/scramble up the Muddy Fork of the Sandy River won’t leave you disappointed. Depart from the Top Spur Trailhead (same as for McNeil Point), but instead make your way to the base of the Sandy Glacier where abundant wildlife hangs out and water cascades from every precipice. Lake Serene This popular lake outside of Washington...

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Photo Gallery

Popular Swimming Holes + Ocean Beaches

Contributor Brandon Katcher documents his 63-mile trek to the top of Mount Whitney

At 14,505-feet Mount Whitney is the highest point in the continental United States. The most traveled route to the peak of Mount Whitney is the 22-mile Whitney Portal Trail. However, there are many routes to the mountain, including this 63-mile, six-day route, which starts from Cottonwood Pack Station. Here, Brandon Katcher documents in film and photo his 63-mile journey to the top of this legendary mountain.

Full Moon over Mount Whitney
Brandon Katcher | 06.13.14