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Saddle Mountain Trail, Arizona, Outdoor Project
Pioneer Park, Oregon, Outdoor Project
Sand Flats Horse Camp, Washington, Outdoor Project
Winter Alta, California, Outdoor Project
Johnstone Creek, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Slide Lake via High Lake, Oregon, Outdoor Project
Strawberry Mountain via Roads End Trail, Oregon, Outdoor Project
Heather Lake, Washington, Outdoor Project
Hyndman Creek/Hyndman Basin, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Fall Creek - Left Fork Canyon, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Bellas Lakes, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Bear Gulch to Parker Gulch, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Fall Creek Falls , Idaho, Outdoor Project
Fall Creek - Moose Lake, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Rogue Wild and Scenic River, Oregon, Outdoor Project
Middle Fork of the Salmon River Trail – Day 1, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Middle Fork of the Salmon River Trail – Day 3, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Middle Fork of the Salmon River Trail – Day 4, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Middle Fork of the Salmon River Trail – Day 5, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Middle Fork of the Salmon River Trail – Day 6, Idaho, Outdoor Project
Guler Ice Caves, Washington, Outdoor Project

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Mesquite Spring Campground, CA

03.12.14(Trip Date)

Mesquite Spring Campground can actually accommodate RV's much bigger than 25 feet--the sites are very spacious.

I would also point out that this location has some of the darkest skies in the country and is a popular destination for amateur astronomers around the new moon. When we were there, our neighbors kindly let us look through their telescopes and pointed out interesting sky objects.


Multnomah Falls and Creek Hike, OR

12.08.13(Trip Date)

The falls sometimes freeze over during winter. Beautiful.


Ape Caves, WA


The ape caves are always a fun trip. I live in the area and have gone on multiple occasions. In the winter, the lower cave can flood a little bit, making it even shorter. The upper trail is extremely fun, but I wouldn't recommend taking children under 12. Bring plenty of water (we didn't, and we were very thirsty!). All the climbing up and down will definitely get your heart rate up. At one point, there is even a wall (I want to say 6ft) that you have to climb straight up to continue on. The trail heading back above ground is a beautiful one.
Overall, this is a great hike. One of my favorites.


Fogarty Creek State Recreation Site, OR

04.14.12(Trip Date)

Lovely beach. Never crowded. We found tons of complete seashells when we went. Lots of agates, too.


Fort Stevens State Park, OR

05.18.12(Trip Date)

Took a class trip here in 2012. The fort is a lot of fun to explore in.
The shipwreck is one of the coolest things to experience. You can climb up on it, it's pretty sturdy. Awesome to think about how it was once sailing the ocean!


Middle Fork of the Salmon River - Day 5, ID

07.03.14(Trip Date)

Some of the most impressive pictographs on the river can be found on this stretch of river. They were drawn by Native Americans hundreds of years ago, but no one really knows how old these are or what they mean. Cryptic paintings of poets or mindless doodles of bored hunters? Take a side hike to find these and decide for yourself.


Middle Fork of the Salmon River - Day 3, ID

06.30.14(Trip Date)

Native American pictographs can be found right next to Ski Jump Rapid. Pictures on the rock walls may have been painted nearly 1000 years ago by original people who lived here. No one knows exactly why they were drawn or what they mean. To access these, take the obvious trail upriver from Lost Oak Camp (river left) and look for a side trail on your right after walking for about three quarters of a mile. Do not touch the pictographs! Your fingers can rub the paint off the rock.


Forest Park, Ridge Trail, OR

01.20.15(Trip Date)

Great little hike! Some parts are very slippery, make sure your shoes can handle mud and have good tread.


Pilot Rock, OR

01.11.15(Trip Date)

I just did this trip 1/11/15. The wear the started out ok but as we started the hike it got cold! Bring a jacket. We were told by a fellow hiker you could drive up to the climb. This information was not true. There isn't a road to the base of Pilot Rock. The trail is marked well except for a few trees down across the trails.
We always take our dog when we hike however your dog will NOT be able to make it to the top. From the base of the rock the climb was steep with lots of loose rock Watch out below!!. Once the trail ended we climbed the rock. We didn't have gear but wouldn't let our dog try it. Good hiking boots recommended. We had our kids with us (11& 13) We didn't feel comfortable having them try to climb to the top.

We are going try this hike again in the summer when its warmer an not so wet. Great views, great one day hike, can't wait for summer.


Nantahala River


The Cascades are a great run for paddlers looking to break into class V whitewater, but the Nantahala is popular year-round with beginner and intermediate paddlers as well. The lower section has regular dam-controled flows and the rapids are only class II, with one class III drop right at the very end called Nantahala Falls. People come to this river from all over the Southeast to learn how to kayak and practice their skills, so it is worth the trip no matter what your experience level!


Mitchell Point, OR

Elite Contributor
01.03.15(Trip Date)

This is a fun-and-easy hike to do any time of year, and it's easy to combine with another short hike in the Gorge such as Wahclella Falls


Wahclella Falls Hike, OR

Elite Contributor
01.03.15(Trip Date)

Fun place to go at different times of the year to see how the waterfalls change.


Blog + News

By: Tyson Gillard | 01.29.15
With much anticipation, we're excited to announce the award and prize winners from the Summer 2014 season. In fact, we added over 500 adventures over the summer, an incredible accomplishment in and of itself. Here we extend thanks to those most active in our community for making Outdoor Project what it is. Most of the content found on Outdoor Project has been published with the help and hard work of our Contributors. These individuals are experienced...
By: Kat Dierickx | 01.27.15
Winter is one of the best times of the year to visit waterfalls. While many people head to the mountain for downhill or cross-country skiing, the trails leading to my favorite waterfalls clear out. Some offer a chance to snowshoe in, while others can still be hiked, but regardless of the access, the waterfalls are at their best. They'll either be running in full flow, or if you're lucky, they'll be frozen over.  Here are 13 recommended...
By: Jared Kennedy | 01.26.15
Don't miss these headlines and news stories from the great outdoors. Obama Looks to Expand Arctic National Wildlife Refuge The newly proposed protections for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) would create over 12 million acres of protected area. The proposal also recommends a wilderness designation for the ANWR. It would remove the potential for oil and gas exploration under a large portion of the state. See the video from The White House...
By: Gerard Smith | 01.25.15
The plane glided effortlessly into the air and the snowy runway strip disappeard as the view opened out to the frozen Susitna River Valley and the alpine tundra below. As the plane lifted off we spotted moose tracks near the airstrip. The stark white blanket of snow, the blue ice of the partially frozen Susitna River, and the imposing face of Denali beckoned. There is a quiet eeriness in the landscape at this time of year, and save for the low thrum of the...
By: Jared Kennedy | 01.22.15
In 2014 we were contacted by our partners at Friends of Outdoor School to see if we would be interested in co-administering the annual Photo of the Year contest. We jumped at the opportunity as one of our reasons Tyson and I started Outdoor Project was to help promote the work being done in the environmental education community. Working with Friends of Outdoor School on Photo of the Year was a big opportunity we couldn't pass up.  Friends of Outdoor...
By: Kat Dierickx | 01.20.15
If you haven't started thinking about your 2015 river plans, you probably should. A number of the lottery application deadlines are just around the corner.  Four Rivers Lottery The regulated use seasons for the Four Rivers are as follows:    Selway River: May 15 through July 31. Permits are not required outside the control season on the Selway River. Pre-season boaters must be off the river before May 15.  ...
By: Jared Kennedy | 01.19.15
Today we honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement he embodied. To get the news of the week started, here is a link to the full video recording of the I Have a Dream speech given on March 28, 1963 in Washington D.C. You can also visit any national park for free today. 2014 Was the Hottest Year on Record Continuing a recent trend, NOAA confirmed that weather data from 2014 shows it was the hottest year on record. All 10 of the hottest...
By: Kat Dierickx | 01.15.15
January is National Bald Eagle Watch Month, and there are a plethora of places to view these majestic birds in the Pacific Northwest. You'll have better luck spotting a bald eagle near coastlines, rivers, or lakes as they feed primarily on fish, snakes, small rodents, and turtles. In case you need to pass a little time while scouting for eagles, here are some fun facts to make you sound super-smart as you impress your eagle watching companions. ...
By: Jared Kennedy | 01.12.15
Keystone XL Pipeline Approval and Potential Obama Veto on the Horizon The U.S. House has voted 266-153 to approve the Keystone XL pipeline to transport tar sands oil from Alberta via the U.S. for export from the gulf coast. An effort in Nebraska to block construction of the pipeline through the state has also been surpassed. President Obama has signaled that he would veto the pipeline if it is approved by Congress, but Congressional Republicans are hopeful...
By: Tyson Gillard | 01.10.15
Every now and again we try to carve out time to pay respect to some of the most respectable and resplendent wildlife species found in nature, and for some particular reason, the Outdoor Project editorial team thought now was as good a time as any to shed light on this triumphant family of aquatic bird species. While ducks are by no means mysterious creatures, with the help of we thought it would be fun to share some little-known facts about...
By: Derek Schroeder | 01.09.15
My feet were cold before I even stepped into the river. A few resilient fall caddis adults fluttered above the water, but not enough to excite the shivering fish below. The low winter sun hovered behind me, casting my shadow up the stream bank as I scanned the tail end of a picturesque riffle for swirls and breaks in the current. After a few chilly minutes I saw a characteristically gentle dimple on the surface, the telltale sign of a rising fish that excites...
By: Kat Dierickx | 01.07.15
In honor of the Friends of Outdoor School 2014 Photo of the Year Contest, we wanted to share some photography advice from our community. If you're looking to hone your skills, we'll be publishing new tips each week through January. Enjoy! Photography Tips, Part 1: Lens Choices for Outdoor Photography Photography Tips, Part 2: Cold Weather Photography   Winter makes for some beautiful and exciting photography opportunities, but it...

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Middle Fork of the Salmon River - Day 2, Idaho, Outdoor Project

Requiem of Ice: Mount Hood's Sandy Glacier Caves

Since the initial discovery and documentation of Mount Hood's Sandy Glacier Caves in 2011, only a handful of people have explored Snow Dragon and Pure Imagination. In just a short time, the formation and structure of the caves has significantly changed. The talented folks at Uncage the Soul have been trekking to the cave over the past few years to document the dramatic melting and collapsing of the caves. The resulting short film takes the viewer on a visual odyssey of the cave system, showing the massive scale, as well as the intimate details.


Visual odessey from Uncage the Soul Video Productions