Vantage Peak

Squamish-Lillooet Area, British Columbia

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Vantage Peak


  • On the edge of the old car park, now overgrown with alder and foxglove. - Vantage Peak
  • The beginning of the singletrack.- Vantage Peak
  • Traversing through the woods on a heavily rooted trail. While not long, this trail undulates a great deal and is a challenge for newer backpackers. - Vantage Peak
  •  A great example of the rooted coastal trail. - Vantage Peak
  • Bridge crossing beneath the North Joffre Basin.- Vantage Peak
  • The hut is close to this talus field. Taking a rest for the final steep section. - Vantage Peak
  • Looking out from the hut toward Mount Matier.- Vantage Peak
  • The Anniversary Glacier on Mount Matier as seen from the highway. - Vantage Peak
  • Misty conditions on the northeastern ridge of Joffre Peak just above the hut.- Vantage Peak
  • The Anniversary glacier flanked by Joffre Peak and Mount Matier. The glacier water is not safe to drink and needs to be filtered, not just boiled. Also, there are no facilities, so wag bags are required due to the high traffic this area sees.- Vantage Peak
  • The talus above the meadows heading for the Matier-Vantage Col. - Vantage Peak
  • Gazing up at the Twin One Peak.- Vantage Peak
  • Climbing up the thick Krumholtz trees. - Vantage Peak
  • Looking down the Twin One Valley. - Vantage Peak
  • A good view of the Vantage ridge. The lack of a distinct trail makes this a choose your own adventure kind of route. - Vantage Peak
  • One can choose to take the ridge for a more exposed scrambling experience. You can also see the North Ridge in the background, which makes for a fine ascent. - Vantage Peak
  • Summit of Vantage with Mount Matier and Joffre Peak in the background. This photo has an excellent view of Joffre's northeast ridge scramble route.- Vantage Peak
  • Twin One Valley.- Vantage Peak
  • Small open crevasses on the lower flanks are good reminders to stay clear of glaciers unless one has the proper gear and training. - Vantage Peak
  • Another view of the glacier.- Vantage Peak
  • Vantage ridge from a distance.- Vantage Peak
Overview + Weather
Beautiful views. Excellent camping option. Hiking summit.
Rugged trail. Hard to find trail in the alpine. Hut is frequently left dirty and firewood is frequently burned up too soon.
Squamish-Lillooet Area, BC
Pets allowed: 
Highest point: 
2,235.00 m (7,332.68 ft)
Year round: 
Parking Pass: 
Permit required: 
Preferable Season(s):
Total Distance: 
15.02 km (9.33 mi)
Total elevation gain: 
1,152.00 m (3,779.53 ft)
Trail type: 
Trailhead Elevation: 
1,480.00 m (4,855.64 ft)
Typically multi-day: 
Current Local Weather:
Hike Description

Hike Description

Pro Contributor

Vantage Peak is an excellent first scramble, and there are loads of excellent camping options and even a hut nearby that break the trip up and make it accessible to newer hikers too. This trip can be done as big day trip or broken up over two days if you bring a tent. It makes for a great weekend trip from Vancouver–so good, in fact, that Arc'teryx made a whole movie about it.

Just 20 kilometers beyond the ever-popular Joffre Lakes turnoff is an unmarked extended shoulder with a large line of old-growth trees. If you get to the corner with the marvelous view of the Anniversary Glacier on Joffre Peak and Mount Matier, you've gone too far. At the eastern end of this turnoff is a narrow trail that descends to a very stout log bridge that crosses the river. The trail from here is quite straitforward. It works it's way up to a logging road and then back into the woods. 

The trail that goes through the woods is very rooted, often muddy, and goes up and down a great deal. With heavy packs it can be quite tricky. The trail curves to through a boulder field and eventually heads into the subalpine beside the Keith Flavelle Hut. 

The hut is a great place to stay with beautiful views. In past years firewood used to be available, but in recent years there have been some selfish individuals who have been lighting bonfires or just simply burning wood unnecessarily. There is only one firewood flight per year, so if you come up in the winter, use it sparingly. 

If the hut feels a little crowded, head down the hill to the end of a towering moraine; you'll find a beautiful lake situated beneath the Anniversary Glacier that makes for excellent camping. 

To get to Vantage, follow the little singletrack that ambles up the wide valley toward the Vantage Matier Col. From the col you'll head straight for the summit. The trail gets increasingly hard to follow as it dips between the krumholtz trees and approachs the narrowing ridge. You can break to the climber's right and traverse along the edge of the ridge if you want to avoid the steep section or take to the ridge for some fun exposure. Either way, within a few minutes you'll be on top of a spectacular summit with incredible views in every direction. 


  • 10 essentials
  • Hiking boots (trail shoes are doable, but they can get uncomfortable if conditions are muddy.) 


  • Three-season sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Stove and cookware
  • Tent
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